BitCherry Founder Paul: Innovative Blockchain Finance Industry

10th December 2020, BitCherry was invited to attend PBWS 2020 as a sponsor. As the best European blockchain conference, Paris Blockchain Week Summit brought together 1,70+ entrepreneurs, investors, and media worldwide to talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency to make France the first G20 country to create a business-friendly environment for our rapidly growing ecosystem. BitCherry founder and CEO Paul have joined the panel discussion as a special guest. The conference’s guests have discussed the blockchain industry’s rapid development from four aspects: technology construction, available finance, enterprise blockchain, and legal compliance.

In the panel discussion, BitCherry founder Paul has expressed his perspective about The ease of use of blockchain technology in business. He said: ‘blockchain its finance property in nature provides an opportunity of new business model, blockchain in finance contains two aspects: blockchain digitization of traditional enterprises and innovative financial products based on digital asset investment. With the large-scale deployment of blockchain in traditional enterprises and the popularization of blockchain-based digital asset financial applications, commercial use of blockchain technology has become an important issue that restricts traditional enterprises’ transformation. As a technology pioneer in the industry, BitCherry will provide business-friendly and easy to use blockchain infrastructure to support different business scenarios and customized blockchain applications and provides a complete commercial blockchain solution, our test network will be launched soon, and the launch of the test net will also accelerate this process.’


When it comes to BitCherry’s compliance issues, Paul said: “The issue of financial compliance block chain also includes two aspects: First, the original financial business already has compliance process requirements, how to achieve the original compliance process requirements after using blockchain solution; Second, based on digital asset investment, such as the compliance issues of DeFi, many countries currently still lack complete blockchain financial supervision Framework. Currently, blockchain finance is subject to different countries’ financial supervision laws and is mainly used as a supplement or extension to a traditional model. However, according to the current development trend, financial supervision regulations will not be immutable. More and more countries are aware of the importance of blockchain finance. With the development of blockchain technology, blockchain in finance will surely transform the global financial system in the future, and countries should build a reasonable regulatory framework and improve blockchain finance as soon as possible.”


Blockchain is an important technology that has the potential to contribute to global enterprises and the economy. The French government has always maintained an active attitude toward promoting the development of blockchain technology. It has established an attractive legal framework for the issuance of token and digital asset service providers and plans to develop innovative technologies. 4.5 billion euros will be invested in the next five years. In just one year, France has more than 200 blockchain innovation projects. Such a strategy enables France to maintain a leading position in the global blockchain technology competition and become the next blockchain industry center country.

As a blockchain project that already has an extended layout in France marketing, BitCherry committed to promoting the commercial applicability and iterative of technology, will keep focus to promote the digital transformation for traditional enterprises, and provide technical and ecological support.


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