Boost Your Outdoor Decor With Our Two Panel Trellis

More than ever our backyards are becoming our getaways, from entertaining friends around a cozy bonfire to lounging garden-side with a warm cup of tea. Is your backyard meeting your home oasis needs?

Two Panel Trellis from H Potter is the perfect addition to transform your outdoor hangout into your sanctuary. Our Two Panel Trellis is great for showcasing winding vines, lush growing flowers, or simply sitting on its own as wall art or garden art. This is a piece that will stylishly stand the test of time.

Beautiful Design With Functionality 
Our beautifully designed two panel trellis is the perfect piece to maximize your growing space. Its unique design is constructed to be heavy and durable in all weather. At 72 inches high by 51 inches wide with 12-inch ground spikes, this trellis is built to last.

Not only is the Two Panel Trellis a piece of art but it can be also used as a fence to create privacy for your outdoor patio or garden. From showcasing your lush growing flowers and vines to serving as a sturdy fence, our trellis is as functional as it is elegant.

Our two panel trellis on our website is handcrafted ironwork coated with a charcoal brown powder finish and then a hand-rubbed faux finish, which gives the piece its rustic appeal. The designs at H Potter are handmade by artisans and made with quality materials such as stainless steel, hand-blown glass, and copper. It’s our pride to provide beautiful designs that last.

Perfect Complements
Not sure where to begin? Below is a list of flowers that will pair wonderfully with our two panel trellis:

Nasturtium: Found in delightful shades of orange, maroon and pink flowers with stunning bright green leaves, this flowering vine grows lushly on an H Potter trellis.

Mandevilla: Have a sunny patch on your patio or in your garden? This flowering vine flourishes in the sunshine!

Morning Glory: These stunning flowers are known for blooming early in the morning, making them a gardener’s delight!

Bougainvillea: Is your patio or garden lacking privacy? This colorful gem from nature grows up to 20 feet, making it nature’s most beautiful fence.

Climbing Hydrangea: This flower grows slow to start, but once it’s fully grown it wows gardeners. It needs a sturdy trellis to flourish.

If you’re looking to make your outdoor design pop, our two panel trellis is the perfect way to showcase any of the flowers above. But don’t worry- that’s not all this beautiful piece can do!

The trellis is also the perfect accessory to any vegetable garden. Its sturdy design makes it perfect for holding up large, ripe vegetables including plump tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, snow peas, and beans! What’s more is its wide panels create more room for more crops.

About H Potter
As a family-owned business operating for 20 years, serving our customers with the highest quality designs possible is our mission. Our products are tested in our homes before ever being sold so we can ensure their excellence and durability. We offer over 150 handcrafted items including terrariums, lanterns, trellises, window boxes, planters, and torches.

The bottom line is: customers like you are our priority. We strive to make your garden and home as beautiful and efficient and possible: If you have any issues with our products we encourage you to reach out with your feedback at 208-640-4206. We want you to be a part of our family!

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