Brass Utensils: Benefits, Precaution, Cleaning instructions

Since ancient times, India has been using metal utensils. Ayurvedic significance is known for bronze, brass, and copper utensils. 

These metals can be used to treat many diseases such as anemia, diarrhea, and inflammation according to Ayurveda. 

It is common to use copper and brass utensils in India today. Brass can be used to cook, serve and even store food and water.

Brass is a yellow-colored alloy and is made from a combination of copper and zinc. It consists of 70% Copper, 30% Zinc. It is also known as Pital in Hindi

Zinc and copper have different properties that can cure some diseases. Brass is a great source of these metals.

7 Health Benefits of Using Brass Utensils:

  1. Brass produces melanin to promote healthy hair and skin
  2. Drinking water in brass vessels increases strength and immunity
  3. Consuming food from a brass vessel prevents stomach infections
  4. The natural oil that is released when food is cooked with brass utensils adds a unique flavor and texture to the food.
  5. It helps to purify the blood because it is found in Brass.
  6. Zinc can also be used to sharpen your memory. Therefore, consuming water from a brass vessel or food will sharpen your memory.
  7. The treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough can be achieved by drinking water or food from a brass vessel.

Be aware of the following:

  1. Brass utensils should not be used for cooking or storage of acidic foods.
  2. 2. Tin coating (Kalai), should be applied to brass vessels used for cooking.
  3. Brass becomes green as it reacts to oxygen in the outside atmosphere. Therefore, brass utensils need to be cleaned regularly

How to clean brass utensils:

Brass is a combination of copper and zinc metals. Brass can react with oxygen or open-air over time and eventually turns black or green. These are some tips to help you maintain Brass products properly.

1.Pitambari powder is the traditional and best way to clean brass items.

2.You can use Vinegar with a mixture of Salt to clean the brass item.

To clean the product, mix lemon and salt together. You can also replace salt with Baking Soda.

A-List of Brass Utensils for Remodeling Your Kitchen:

  1. Brass Dinner Set:

This Brass Dinner Set is a delightful way to enjoy an Indian Meal. Pure Brass Dinner Set in 6 Pieces: 1 Plate/Thali and 3 Bowls. 1 Glass and 1 Spoon.

  1. Brass Plate:

Pure Brass Plate with perfectly spaced borders and raised borders. You can use it to serve appetizers, curry, or rice. This Pure brass Plate is very health-friendly.

  1. Brass Pot:

Pure Brass Water Pot, round shape with hammered designs. A brass vessel can increase strength and immunity. It improves your skin’s condition and increases your hemoglobin.

  1. Brass Glass:

The Brass Tumbler is a classic item that benefits from the health benefits of Brass metal. It is handmade with an engraved design. You can use it to carry water on a daily basis.

  1. Brass Pressure cooker

The Brass Pressure Cooker is high quality and has Kalai-tinned inside. The Brass Cooker’s Kalai prevents food from reacting with the Brass metal. It can also be used on a gas stove.

  1. Brass wok – Kadai :

Tin plating is used inside Pure Brass Kadai. The Kadai has pure brass handles that can be attached for ease of handling and transport. The brass Kadai is made from thick, heavy-gauge brass metal. It’s a deep vessel that makes it easy to cook, stir, or fry any kind of food.

  1. Brass Storage Container:

The Brass Masala storage container comes with 7 sets of boxes and a brass spoon. These spice boxes will be coated with Tin, also known as Kalai coating. This multi-purpose storage box can store spices and mouth fresheners. It is essential for any kitchen.

  1. Brass Cup & Saucer:

Pure Brass Cup Saucer with Kalai (tinned in). The brass cup is protected from oxidization by the tin plating. The Brass Cup can be easily cleaned and maintained. Brass is a thick metal that keeps your drink hot for longer.

  1. Brass Fruit Bowl:

Brass Urli Bowl is adorned with a Peacock-shaped, open-feathered floral design and an engraved Peacock. The spoon and product are packaged in a red gift box. This product is ideal for serving fruits, dry fruit, and mouth fresheners. Urli Bowl Places at home help to heal your Vastu.

  1. Brass Boiling Pan (Patiala).
  • Plain Brass Tope knew as Brass Patla is tin-plated from the inside.
  • Brass Patila comes with Stainless Steel Lid to cover its top.
  • Brass Kalai Tope retains heat, which means that food stays hot longer.
  • Brass Patila is a flat, round-shaped pan for easy stirring and visibility.
  • Brass conducts heat well, so preparing food with a Brass utensil takes less time than other metal utensils.
  • Brass utensils are easier to clean than other metal utensils.

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