Bring in More Sales With a Facebook Advertising Company

If you are the owner of an online eCommerce store and have been running your own ads on social media, there’s a good chance that the returns you are getting aren’t that stellar. The primary reason for this is because there’s more to Facebook advertising than simply boosting a cool post.

You need a plan, led by a team of digital marketing experts that have a keen sense for determining audiences and designing attractive creatives. A skilled Facebook advertising company can transform the way you drive traffic, by putting together a full-fledged marketing campaign for you that will not only get you more sales, but will also help strengthen your entire brand.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?
Most people only recognize Facebook as a social media platform, but over the years, their website structure and features have allowed them to amass a ton of valuable user data that makes them one of the most effective marketing platforms in history. For advertisers wanting to sell their products and services effectively, Facebook truly offers a great variety of different angles from which to target potential customers.

Through the Facebook Ad Manager, you can put together audiences that drill down to the specific kinds of preferences your customers have and provide them with the exact kinds of ads they are receptive to. From precise location data, consumer behavior, age, and even income level, you can get a powerful idea as to who you want to target, and then craft a campaign around this audience that will resonate with them and get clicks and sales.

It sounds relatively simple, but to execute such a campaign effectively, not only do you have to have a deep understanding of Facebook as a platform, but consumer trends and sales copy as well. You also need to know what kinds of landing pages and product pages to send your traffic to in order to get the best conversions, as well as the design and development sense to make these pages stand out and perform well.

What a Facebook Advertising Company Can do For Your Online Business
Even if you are familiar with Facebook and boosting your own posts in order to drive traffic to your offers, there is much more to know about running effective ads on the platform, and in order to get real results, you are going to need more of an expert touch.

Genius eCommerce® provides sophisticated Facebook advertising services that can help your business stand out on the platform. Their team not only includes eCommerce PPC experts, but skilled designers and eCommerce gurus who have been working in the industry for years to deliver superior results for online stores.

Facebook advertising seems simple on the surface, but once you understand how complicated targeting and ad-creation gets, you may get submerged rather quickly. Managing a full-scale eCommerce marketing campaign is no joke, whether it’s on social media or otherwise.

In fact, these days, social media is where a bulk of the action takes place. Consumers want that “personal” connection with brands, and are increasingly shying away from clicking on ads served up on blogs and on Google. Smart businesses recognize the need to promote themselves where they can get the best results, which means you need to be looking at a Facebook advertising company like Genius eCommerce® seriously.

Want to make an impact with your business and drive more sales than ever before? You need to contact Genius eCommerce® today and ask how you can get started running Facebook ads to your products. Their experts will be able to build an advertising plan for you that will get your business noticed where it matters most.

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