Bringing Middle Eastern Vibes to Your Dining Room

The Middle Eastern culture is the oldest and most well-known culture in history. The food, customs, and design are all very unique to this region. Middle Eastern cuisine and dine style is one of the best in the world and has been for centuries. The spices, ingredients, and techniques used to create these dishes are all unique to this region. A region is a beautiful place with some of the most vibrant colors and cultures in the world. Bringing Middle Eastern vibes into your dining room can be as simple as adding area rugs or setting up an elaborate table for dinner, but we’re going to show you how to go all out!


Bold Color Palette

Embracing bold colors can be one of the easiest ways to bring Middle Eastern vibes into your dining room. The region is known for vibrant shades, so it’s worth looking at the fashion and design when choosing paint or curtains for your walls. Your kitchen space might have dark cabinets, but you could contrast them with white countertops and backsplash. A bold color scheme can also be more exciting for kids to play in and make a great backdrop when hosting guests.


Bold Patterns

Middle Eastern design is known for its intricate patterns, so why not use them as inspiration? Try adding something like the Alhambra wall tapestry or this vibrantly patterned rug for a combination of texture and color. The same pattern can be used for curtains, as in this dining room.


Velvet or Silk Drapes and Curtains

If you’re up for something with extra glam, then drape your windows in velvet or silk curtains. The patterned fabric of these will look effortlessly elegant and chic when paired with other Middle Eastern-inspired furnishings. Besides, velvet curtains are excellent for creating a sense of drama and luxury.


A Big Rug

For an extra-comfy area to sit around with friends or family, opt for the luxury factor: choose luxurious dining room rugs in velvet or silk. The sheen will add some sparkle without being too flashy (a concern for dining rooms). Moreover, Adding to all of this is something as simple as bringing your rug into play. Opt for one that’s bold enough, so it catches everyone’s eye right away – but then embrace other patterns around it too.


Hand-Painted Pottery

Add some personality to your dining room with pieces of hand-painted pottery. The patterned, decorative objects will add color and character without overwhelming the space. A set of blue Moroccan pottery will add a subtle pop to your space, while the vibrant reds of Persian pottery will make it feel more welcoming.


A Round Table

For a more intimate setting, dine around a round table with friends or family members. It’s an exceptionally cozy arrangement (plus, it’ll give you plenty of room to spread out your food). Consider buying a table that’s been used in an old farmhouse, and have it refinished so that the wood is shiny.


A Variety of Patterns

Breaking up space with various patterns will give your room more dimension. Instead of having one pattern on every surface, throw pillows around (in varying shapes, sizes, and colors) or hang some artwork on the walls. You can also mix up the colors on the rug and curtains.


A Vibrant Rug

If you have an area rug in your dining room, it’ll help make space feel more inviting. Choose a shade that complements or contrasts with the rest of your decor. Depending upon what style look you’re going for (and if you want to ensure people notice it when they enter the room).


A Different Shape for Your Table

If you currently have a round dining table, try replacing it with an oval one. The more rectangular shape will make people feel less boxed in and help create different seating arrangements that work better for larger groups of people (or just families who want to see each other while they eat a meal).


Table Linens to Spruce Things Up

Add some personality and color with table linens. Depending on your preferences for stiffness, thickness, and cost (silk is the most expensive choice ). If you do go with one of these three options, be sure not to mix fabrics. That will make your table look cluttered and unorganized. There are many different colors to choose from, but for the most part, you want to stick with neutrals or darker shades (think navy blue instead of red). If you want a little bit of color on one side, use orange or maroon as a contrast.


Cloth Napkins to Keep Things Cozy

The other awesome tip for perfecting your table is picking out cloth napkins. You want one that will fit the color scheme you used on the rest of your table but also has a texture and pattern all its own. This way, your guests won’t mistake it for something they can use. If you want something modern, find napkins that have patterns such as stripes or polka dots to add some pizazz. These can be used as coasters too!


Metal and Crystal Accessories

It is a nice idea to have a few metal and crystal accessories on your table, no matter what you’re serving. This will add more elements to the entire look of the table while impressing your guests with how classy everything looks. Also, placing a large glass jar with a beautiful candle inside will make your table feel warm and inviting.


Outdoor Patio Furniture

Create a dining-room outdoor patio for your meals and parties, which will also add some extra living space to your home. It has become increasingly popular in many households as it is practical plus adds light into the house during winter months or just on those overcast days when you want to spend time outside.


Wrapping Up


We want your home to be a comfortable, welcoming place where you and your loved ones can gather together for meals. Creating the perfect atmosphere with Middle Eastern-inspired rugs that reflect this culture will make it easier to enjoy being in the dining area of your home. From shaggy rugs made from wool or cotton to intricately woven silk runners, RugKnots has everything necessary for creating an inviting space indoors or outdoors. Browse our wide selection of rug patterns today!


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