Gojek Clone Apps have revolutionized the digital soul of the on-demand service industry. This app alone offers 70 plus services online on its platform through one single login. A wide array of services are being provided from booking taxi rides, appointments with Doctor, spa sessions, tutors, Television repair requests to availing services of baby-sitters, electricians, maids, lawyers, locksmiths, and tow trucks. This all-in-one services app is a one-stop solution to all of your customers’ needs. And every single time each of them renders services online through this app, the entrepreneurs earns commission. It is only the App Owner that decides what percentage of bill amount will be charged as commission that is completely dependent on the type of the service rendered.

And it is here that the Gojek Clone App developers had hit gold mine of opportunities. They had introduced a new feature that allows an individual to render multiple services through the app. To understand this concept better, let’s take the example of a Taxi Driver who takes a Dog out for a walk in his idle time when there are no ride requests during that time period. One Taxi Driver was providing two services and hence the App Owner stands to earn two commissions here! The same Taxi Driver can choose to deliver groceries and food parcels when he is done walking the Dog down the street.  Because earning opportunities had become limitless, so is the cash in-flow for the App Owner in the form of commissions.

Now what about the different mediums through which an order or a service can be availed online?

First, your customer needs to download this multi-service on-demand app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and login. The second medium through an order can be placed is the website! Yes, you heard it right! Your customers’ can now book taxis and even order Chilli Garlic Prawn Noodles from their favorite Restaurant all through one single website! This app never fails to amaze its entrepreneurs! If your customer does not have a smartphone or lacks the access to a laptop then the customer can directly call the Despatcher Panel of the App Owner and demand the service of the desire.

This app has a solution to everything! Don’t let the Covid-19 induced slump in sales dampen your Service Providers’ hope!

The global health crisis had pushed millions inside their homes owing to Government-imposed lockdowns. People were scared to breathe fresh air off of their balcony after World Health Organization had declared Covid-19 to be an air-borne virus. Because people were stuck inside their homes for months together, they started craving for outside street food or that juicy grilled chicken leg from the KFC! But customers were scared to order anything from outside because they feared the virus will creep inside their homes through the Delivery Driver or the food parcel package. Restaurants were running in losses and many had already filed for bankruptcy!

To help revive the Restaurants’ business, this All-In-One Services app had launched a brand new feature that earned customers’ faith back. It was now mandatory for Restaurants to upload pictures of their kitchen on the App to let them see for themselves how clean and hygienic working stations are which are regularly sanitized. Not only this, pictures of Chefs’ wearing a face mask and gloves were also uploaded. When the customers were assured of the high-hygiene standards of the restaurants, orders started pouring in. They were informed that the entire workforce of the Restaurant was vaccinated and regular temperature checks have become a routine – all this helped in earning their trust back!

Even after the lockdown was lifted worldwide, people were still hesitant to step out. Although they still held the desire to eat from their favorite restaurant. This is when the App introduced two new features: Self Pick-Up delivery option after placing the order through the mobile application and Self-ordering through Android-based Food Kiosks in Restaurants.


Gojek Clone App curate features that are solution-oriented and make the ease of doing business even better. When Services Providers give their best and the App Owner is dedicated to help them through thick and thin by inventing innovative solutions in the form of features, your business is deemed to be successful.


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