Can I get a refund for my Air France ticket?

The airline determines whether or not you will receive a refund for a cancelled flight. Some airlines refuse to issue reimbursements in the event of a flight cancellation. Plans, on the other hand, can be withdrawn at any time. It can be challenging to determine whether or not cancelled flights will be refunded.

The policies of various airlines vary. When it comes to Air France, the company offers its consumers a variety of flexible options. It has always prioritized client happiness, and as a result, it provides intriguing rules for flight exchange, cancellation, and return. So, how do I request reimbursement from Air France, you might wonder?

How can I get a refund from Air France?

Non-refundable rates are not refundable by Air France. Even if the airline cancels the flight, the passenger will not be refunded. Passengers can either have their flight changed for free or receive a travel voucher from Air France.

Here’s what you can do to request a refund on refundable fares:

  • After making the Air France Reservation, you can air France’s official website and request a refund at the My Booking section. 
  • However, if you can not find the availability of the refund, you can go to the same section and fill a refund request form. 
  • The refund is available on your meals, seat options, wifi, lounge and upgrade options. 
  • You can make online refund requests if you have booked flight tickets online. However, in case of offline booking, we recommend contacting Air France.

Does Air France refund tickets?

Air France facilitates you to make a hassle-free flight booking to your favorite destinations. However, if you plan changes, you are free to make moderation or cancel your flight tickets. Air France passengers are eligible to relieve refunds.

Follow the steps mentioned below to receive refunds on your flight tickets:

  • Whether or not your ticket is refundable, you can go to its official website and send a refund request after cancelling your flight. 
  • You can modify or review your ticket once you cancel it and receive the refund in 7 days. 
  • If your ticket is non-refundable, you get only taxes and surcharge. 
  • You have to check the cancellation details before sending a refund request and receive a refund request within the second reply. 


We hope we could elaborate on how you can apply for a refund once you have made an Air France booking. It is easier to make online refund requests if you have already used an online platform. However, in case of offline booking, you can contact the Air France customer representatives.  


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