Can We Change Music on Hold for Grandstream Phones

First of all, log in to the web interface and move to PBX. Then, go to internal options from the left menu icon. You can simply select the music on hold option. Thus, you are allowed to control music settings according to your requirement. It is quite a simpler task to alter music settings on hold. When callers are placed on hold, they hear the music of your own choice by adjusting settings.

Let’s discuss the procedure of changing music while placing a caller on hold:


1) Setting Music on Hold:

In order to enable the MoH feature, respective channels can be enhanced to greater than one under the account tab. For Headsets for Grandstream Phones, go to the PBX setting box and configure MoH. You can use this feature if it is already included in your subscribed plan.

This feature can also be customized in the desired interface location. Users can set a number of simultaneous channels on their phone system. Set a default stream for your PBX and select the Enhanced MoH option. Additionally, music sources can be modified under the apps tab.


2) Configuring Music on Hold:

First of all, the number of simultaneous channels are increased for your PBX. Channels are basically a number of callers that can be put on hold with music at a given time. Thus, the number of users under the basic plan is equal to the number of channels. For adjusting the number of channels, slide the bar to the required number of callers. An Individual’s specific MoH stream will be set to the default stream. You can also select the desired stream under the user tab.

Users are allowed to choose an external file or music source as their default. There are three music sources with standard MoH, which are Jazz, Classical, and Elevator. You can specify an externally hosted file with the help of the Enhanced Music on Hold feature. You can select the checkbox for enabling this feature. A stream can be chosen for each individual user from the user’s tab.

If this feature is not enabled, you can make a selection from three standard choices. In the account tab, a specific stream can be added as per the user’s requirement. Additional music streams can be chosen from the Resources tab. Music can be played when only one user has entered the conference call and waiting for others to join. OnNet Conference Suite can be used for this purpose. MoH setting can be edited to expand boxes by clicking on a particular OnNet Conference Suite.

Caller settings of Grandstream GS-GRP2614 are available under the ACD Queue Details box. The select caller hears and music stream for completely enabling music on hold mode. Customer hosted files can be specified as per the user’s choice. Choose to create a new resource option from the resource tab. You can create a new music source by adding your own custom URL.

Moreover, you can use the station browser to browse the station directory and select the music source of your own choice. Music stations can be easily previewed while browsing. After naming the source, it can be selected for individual users under the music on hold section.


3) Create Customized MoH Stream:

You are allowed to make a choice from the list of thousand online music stations in the browser for creating a new source. Then, design a high-quality mp3 file and host it on a file-sharing service. Thus, it is quite easier to host on an Icecast or Shoutcast server. It is created externally by the customer. In Grandstream GS-GRP2616, customized music on hold stream can be created by selecting music stations of your own choice.


4) External Source for Enhanced MoH:

First of all, subscribe to Enhanced MoH and obtain the URL for your hosted stream in the case of Grandstream GS-GRP2612. Download URL from your file sharing service after subscription. The file must have appropriate permissions for anyone with a downloaded URL. Enter URL as new music source available at resources tab. A new music source can be selected for a certain user.

All phones are not designed to support this feature. MoH URL can be assessed by adjusting the settings of the phone. Recording of music is played with the help of this feature when an inbound caller is placed on hold. Without using this feature, inbound callers placed on hold will not hear any sound or music.

It is quite boring for a caller to bear this silence. Customers hear a recording of music and speech by making their calling experience interesting. Users are allowed to select music and audio of their own choice for fascinating callers. The phone system plays music as per the user’s satisfaction. Hold time seems shorter with the help of this feature.

Frustration can be reduced, and the caller retention rate can be increased in such a manner. Sales can be enhanced, and support inquiries can be reduced efficiently. Sometimes, Promotional or informational messages can be mixed into their music on hold selections. Business looks more professional and polished by making use of this feature.


All the above-mentioned ways are liable to make it possible for users in order to adjust music settings during a call. Thus, users can control music settings according to their requirements through the MoH feature. This feature can be customized in the desired interface location. Grandstream Phones assist in order to facilitate users with an option of adjusting music to relish calling experience by increasing MoH channels. Users can also create an external source for enhanced MoH.

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