Career Guide For Fresher Android Developers

When you don’t have any experience, do you find it hard to land your first developer job?

Is there any way to gain Android development experience if no one hires Android developers without experience?

It seems like a difficult situation, doesn’t it? The goal of this article is to explain how to find a job as an android developer even if you don’t have any experience

The following are some tips for finding android developer work in 2022.

Learn how to code

The first step toward becoming an Android developer is to learn how to code.

In this position, you will be responsible for coding software applications. In other words, you should be capable of doing the task and do it well.

By learning one of the most amazing programming languages, you can greatly enhance your coding skills.

However, it’s better to learn how to code by training yourself. It’s the most practical way to learn how to code.

It is indeed important to educate yourself.

Coding yourself allows you to filter out the noise and focus only on the material and content you’ll need to become a successful software developer.

By learning how to code, you will reach an employable level much faster, probably within a few months.

So exactly how do you learn to code?

Enroll in an online course…

One of the most popular and fun ways to learn to code is by taking an online course.

Learning coding through video courses is an excellent way to get started.

In the event that you interact with the educator’s authentic voice, learning becomes simpler. The teacher will weigh down central problems that are important in your everyday job as a developer.

There are great online platforms for learning app development where you can take a premium or free course and start learning.

Connect with other Android developers

The work of Android developers has become very dynamic in recent years. 

 Overall, there is a greater chance that you can get a job as an Android developer through your network than by visiting Android developer job sites. 

 The competition for inexperienced Android developer jobs has increased.  

 It is quite common for developer job openings not to be publicly advertised. Opportunities can arise if you are connected at the right time and have the right connections.

Apply for Android developer jobs

It is important that you know where to look and how to apply for Android developer jobs if you want to find one. 

 In this step, we’ll explore how to find Android developer jobs and a better process to follow for your job application to succeed.

I. Start with your inner circle

Begin with your internal friend network, associations, and family while searching for a job, before you connect for the android developer job ad boards.

At this point, the connections you made before really start to take effect.

Test your connections assuming they know of a startup that is hiring, such as an Android developer position. Or better actually… check if they know of anyone who hires a junior Android developer.

Recruiters often have two stacks of resumes when applying for a position.

They received a lot of unsolicited applications through the internet, and a smaller batch from someone they knew or worked with before. 

 In general, a smaller pile is considered more favorable!

ii. Check out Job Boards

Next, you should check with your friends and associations for Android developer job openings posted on job sites. 

These can be online posts or posts in a town near you, maybe on physical billboards. 

You should take the time to carefully read the junior Android developer job posting to ensure that you understand the requirements and any additional information that may be required.

iii. Follow up

Some organizations may not respond to your  Android developer app after you submit it. 

This is when you have to go find them to check if they have actually accepted your application. 

Many times a follow-up email elicits a positive response from the organization. 

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Pass the Technical Interview

The most terrifying hurdle between a junior Android developer and a job offer is the technical interview. 

After applying for some Android developer jobs and completing them successfully, you will happily get an Android developer job interview. 

An Android developer job interview might start with a confirmation email, followed by a phone test to assess your language skills or personality, and then an online or on-site interview.

Often this can be followed by a technical interview if you have passed some of the previous tests. 

Most junior Android developers overthink the tech interview process and feel nervous and unprepared. 

Confidence is crucial to passing an Android developer job interview,  whether you have any experience or not.


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