Carry an emotional baggage in your muscles

Carry emotional baggage in your muscles

It probably comes as no surprise that all the repeated physical movements we make in our lives affect our muscles. For example, if you sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week without the correct posture, your shoulders, neck, or lower back may begin to exhibit a chronic stress pattern.


However, physical stress is not the sole hazard to our muscles. We can also have chronic stress patterns due to emotional stress, including pain, anger, guilt, and fear.


Here is an exercise that I want you to try. Think of something that worries you, annoys you, angers you, scares you, hurts you, or stresses you in some way. It could be an old memory, an act (like someone interrupting you), or a person (someone making you angry). Really step into the moment and feel the excitement as it is happening right now. Once you feel it at its peak, stop and assess how you feel not only emotionally but also physically. Massage Center in Al Jafiliya


Are your shoulders hunched? Tight neck? Is your head forward? It is an emotional response to something that is outside of you, but as you can see, it has a very bad effect on you.

Not only does this affect our muscles

Not only does this affect our muscles, but, as Dr. “Unresolved emotional suffering impacts your immune system, cardiac function, hormone levels, and other physical functions,” Harold Bloomfield adds.


Our bodies are so powerful that you don’t even have to be in a real situation for your body to react. All you have to do is think, remember, or imagine a stressful memory or event, and your body remembers these emotions and stores them in your muscles. However, be careful not to erase the painful events or memories, as this will also cause the negative emotions associated with the events/memories to be stored in your body. Instead, actively work to rebuild and fix these problems.


Just as our lives show the patterns of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, so does our body. So pay attention to your emotional health. Stop wasting time worrying about the past or dreading the future.


If you have experienced trauma that you think is stored in your body’s memory, work with a trained mental health professional or body specialist.

Learn to give your partner a good massage

Massage is always at the top of the list of the best gifts for that special someone. Do you think you need to go to the spa to enjoy that special treat? Think again! You can give your partner a great massage in the privacy of your own home. In fact, you have the advantage of knowing your partner and already sharing an intimate bond with him.


As you prepare for that perfect night, think about how you can attract as many of your partner’s five senses as possible.


Touch: get some massage oil. Look at your health food store for an oil that contains ingredients that are healthy for your skin.


See: it really sets the mood. Choose a place in your home where you can be alone. I suggest you do not have the massage in the room. If you really want to create a romantic bedroom, choose a space that your partner will not expect. Also, staying away from the bedroom allows you to focus on the massage and give it to your partner instead of other things the bedroom may bring. Spa in Al Jafiliya


Light up the room with rose petals and candles


Smell – This can be accomplished with candles, incense, or an oil burner. Calming aromas are preferred. Avoid strong perfumes.


Hearing: Choose relaxing music that your partner likes. The music should have a slow tempo to help set the mood.


Flavor: strawberries, grapes, dark chocolate, or red wine are perfect for this occasion. Avoid heavy foods just before the massage.

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