Create a barrier against germs and other irritants with an antibacterial disposable face mask!

There are times when it can be harmful to breathe in particulates in the air around you, whether you want to protect yourself from viruses, need to clean a dusty room, or plan to work on a construction project. But now, you can easily protect yourself from inhaling anything you don’t want, as well as … Read more

How to Stay Sane During Quarantine?

  Admit it, being stuck in our homes, doing the same things every day, looking at the same wall, roof and stairs feels more like being suffocating. Think about outside can be great but the virus threat can be terrifying and the quarantine can be boring. That is okay, and it is understandable. We all … Read more

Samsung 10.4-Inch Galaxy Tab- Product Review

The Samsung Galaxy 10.4-Inch Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 128GB WiFi w/ S-Pen – Oxford Grey is the most decent and pocket-friendly tab. To learn more, check out its product review. Exciting Features:  Brand: Samsung  Product: Samsung Galaxy 10.4-Inch Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 128GB WiFi w/ S-Pen Key Specs you must know: Memory: 4GB RAM Storage: 128 GB Battery: 7040mAh Capacity  … Read more