Award Categories For Managers in Investment Management

Investment Management Awards (IMA), is an acknowledgment given to an individual or group for outstanding performance in the investment management profession. An individual may be honored for: The role they play in the development of an institution or organization. They may also be honored for the contribution they have made to a field of study. … Read more

Investment Management Awards – How to Choose the Best Person for the Job

Investment Management Awards is an excellent way for financial managers to recognize the key players in today’s investment fund management market. It’s a recognition of their continuing work to deliver long term value to clients, and an acknowledgment of the hard work put in by a manager. These Awards are one of several Global Banking … Read more

Pension Fund Awards

Businesses that are able to seize the chances being made available by shifting global demographics would thrive. The World Finance award winning Pension Fund is highlighting the companies that are exploring new ways to provide unique products and unique services that enable their clients to enjoy a satisfying life long beyond retirement age. The pension … Read more