Ladies and Gents PG in Marathahalli

LIVINN, couple-friendly rental homes with innovative new notions. They provide technology-enabled move-in-homes available at convenient locations that have close proximity to business hubs and the IT parks. Thoughtfully designed with best in interiors, the homes are featured with fully-functional modernized technology. At LIVINN, one gets featured with a professionally managed place where flexibility comes with … Read more

Looking Ahead: The Future of Geofence Marketing in 2022

Looking Ahead: The Future of Geofence Marketing in 2022 Geofence Marketing: With the rapid advent and adoption of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and the use of GPS (Global positioning system) network, geofencing has emerged in the last few years, which Is a relatively new technology that creates virtual geographic boundaries in an area. When … Read more

Braided leather cord

You will find braided leather cord is often made up as bracelets ready to string with your choice of beads. It is available in a variety of finishes and is best used in bracelet designs. Ideal for charm bracelets Often purchased as a finished bracelet Variety of colours and different finishes available

The Top 10 Secrets You Will Never Know About Box Printing Services

Cost-Effective Printing Solutions The industry of box printing is so popular in the market as they are working so efficiently for the provision of printed boxes. They use high technology modern but low-cost machines for making printing more affordable for everyone. The material used in printing like machines, inks, finishing coatings and designs all are … Read more