Top 5 Ways Data Science and analytics are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies have recently realized the impact of data science and analytics on their bottom line. They are now investing in technology that will help them reduce costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.   In the insurance industry, data science and analytics play an important role in providing better customer service. These two terms … Read more

Four Steps to Creating a Profitable Data Science Organization

Data-driven insights can change company strategy and provide answers to the most pressing issues facing your firm. But if you don’t have a clear plan for creating and growing your data science organization, you could feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. If you identify with this, you are not alone here. There are … Read more

5 Must-Have Items for Remote Workers

Working from home is a dream for many people. There are no commute times, office politics, or dress code. However, working remotely also means you must be equipped with the right tools and equipment to work efficiently and effectively. 5 Items You Need When Working Remotely 1. A comfortable Chair and Setup You’ll spend a … Read more

Developing a Better Recruitment Process – Applications of HR Analytics

Data science has gained popularity in making organizations flourish and deliver value.  It has been in the limelight over the past few years and has risen to prominence as a key technology within the HR industry. Among all the sectors, HR analytics can find consistent application in solving problems faced by companies across the globe. … Read more

Python for Data Science is the newest programming craze.

Nowadays the most popular and user-friendly, object-oriented feature and  Versatile computer programming language is Python. A variety of different programs is created by using python. Its been extensively used in almost all industries as a key driver in flooding data analytics and machine learning. Data science course is fun to program using python. It has … Read more

Google Colab Vs Jupyter Notebook: Which Is Better For Data Science Beginners?

Google Colaboratory and Jupyter Notebook are powerful tools for collaboration when it comes to data science. They are user-friendly, with graphical platforms that allow you to create and run code without needing expert programming skills or installing software libraries on your computer.    The differences in environment between Google Colab and Jupyter Notebook are also … Read more

5 Ways AI and Machine Learning Are Transforming Fintech

The finance and technology industries are opening up new development opportunities thanks to data science, AI and machine learning. The financial services sector’s landscape is altering due to AI and ML. Numerous advantages exist for customers and FinTech companies, such as improved financial analysis, client involvement, and customer service.   Here we will discuss the … Read more