It is an exaggeration to say that 2021 has been a year of enormous change; it has been more akin to a transformation.   Okay, maybe it’s a little exaggerated, but we can’t dispute that it was a more significant alteration than the previous one.   While worldwide lockdowns, redundancies, and other unparalleled circumstances prompted … Read more

How Video Tutorials Can Help You In Preparing For CLAT?

Did that video tutorials play an important role in supporting you prepare for the CLAT exam? There are top coaching centers that target this thing. When you regularly watch the video instructions, you research plenty about efficiently taking the exam. Here is an overview. Recorded videos The video for CLAT guidance from CLAT Gurukul is … Read more

Seven Tips for Online Learning During COVID-19

It’s not hard to see that the COVID-19 virus pandemic has made it necessary for us all to make drastic changes in our daily lives. Businesses are moving to remote work. K-12 schools must embrace distance learning. Many college students who were previously enrolled on-campus now have unanticipated online learning. While online learning carries many … Read more

Real Facts about Lab Grown Diamonds

Are lab-grown diamonds as strong as naturally occurring or mined diamonds? The belief that lab created diamonds are inferior in quality to mine-produced diamonds simply because they cost less is a misconception. Despite the fact that they are not better than actual diamonds, they are identical in terms of their optical, physical, and chemical constitution. … Read more

Streams after 10th: the benefits of choosing commerce

Long gone are the days when commerce was just an alternative to science. Nowadays, it has gained equal popularity and has a great scope in the future. Are you planning to choose this stream after grade X? Here are the benefits of choosing commerce that will strengthen your decision. What is commerce? Commerce is an … Read more