UltraEdit: The world’s Best Text Editor

UltraEdit is the best text editor feature for making altering lists and columns a natural experience rather than a tedious  exercise. It’s a basic text editor when you want it to be, and a multi-cursor power editor when you need it to be, with capabilities like multi-caret editing, column/block editing, and multi-select.   Download Text Editor Now!

Git Editor + Compare Workspace | UEStudio & UltraCompare

Native integration of all your Git branches. Easily navigate your local/remote repositories. Edit. Save. Resolve conflicts. Merge. Push. Pull. UEStudio is built on UltraEdit, the world’s greatest best Git Editor and text editor, and provides additional features for teams and developers such as deep Git integration.  You can clone, checkout, update, commit, push/pull, and more directly from UEStudio to manage your Git repositories.   Download Git Editor Now!

UltraCompare: Powerful file, folder, PDF, Word & Excel compare.

3-way compare, folder sync, binary/hex compare, and much more. Free with UltraEdit, All-Access. UltraCompare is the ultimate file compare software for  comparing documents. It compares two or three files from different places at the same time and visibly integrates conflicts and discrepancies. Launch a comparison quickly by dragging and dropping it into the application, from the File Explorer  context menu, or even from the command line.   Download UltraCompare Now!

UltraFinder: Find in files. Find remove duplicates. Fast.

UltraFinder is the best file duplication finder software for removing text duplication and locating files by name or content. There’s practically nothing UltraFinder can’t locate, with support for plain text, PDF, Word doc, and other Office files, as well as the ability to find files on your local, network, or even FTP folders. UltraFinder is … Read more

UltraFTP: Finally, a secure, commercially supported Windows 64-bit FTP client

UltraFTP is the ultimate Windows FTP Client for Windows that works in collaboration with other IDM applications.  You may open remote files directly in UE / UES, alter and save them back to the server & use UltraCompare to compare local  and remote files, and more.   Download UltraFTP Client Now!

Delphi Community Edition | Embarcadero Technologies

Delphi Community Edition Full-Featured Free Delphi IDE for Creating Native Cross-Platform Apps Delphi Community Edition is a full-featured IDE & app builder software for building iOS, Android, Windows and macOS apps from a single Delphi codebase (limited commercial use license). Delphi CE is shared free of charge with our community of freelance developers, startups, students … Read more

Build Native Windows C++ and iOS Apps 10x Faster with Less Code

Powerful, Full-Featured Windows Development With this C++ windows development software’s award-winning and cross-platform frameworks for Windows & iOS developers may conduct C++ programming in windows to create attractive, intuitive user interfaces. Give your usersa platform-native experience while just creating the interfaces once, cutting development time by half or more.   Download C++ Builder Now!  

Delphi VCL & FMX Libraries for Python

VCL and FireMonkey(FMX), mature Python GUI libraries are used by thousands of Delphi & C++ Builder developers.    DelphiVCL and DelphiFMX Python libraries are a collection of Python modules that provide Python programmers with access to the sophisticated and mature VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) GUI frameworks.   DelphiVCL for Python concentrates on native Windows development and employs the Windows-only VCL framework, whereas DelphiFMX for Python provides a comprehensive and adaptable Python GUI framework for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android by utilizing the cross-platform FireMonkey foundation.   Although prior knowledge of Delphi is advantageous when working with these libraries, it’s not required when utilizing the VCL and FMX libraries for Python development.   Download Python Libraries Now!

What do you get with your free InterBase Developer Edition?

What do you get with your free InterBase Developer Edition? InterBase Developer Edition is the best database management software for windows that is ultra-fast, scalable, embeddable, and loaded with features. This open-source database software is a tried-and-true option for strong, dependable, and mission-critical applications. It boasts the world’s largest developer community. It also features a database that can be accessed in … Read more

What do you get from our free Pyscripter?

What do you get with your free PyScripter? PyScripter has all the features expected in a modern Python IDE in a lightweight package. It’s also natively compiled for Windows to use minimal memory with maximum performance. The IDE is open-source and fully developed in Delphi with extensibility via Python scripts. Download PyScripter Now!