99 Ghost Writers

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Cushion Diamond Price

The cushion cut has bigger facets and rounder corners. Compared to other cuts, it has the most fire (bright flashes of colour in the rainbow). This cut comes in a variety of length-to-width ratios, from completely square to rectangular elongated cushion cuts to match any style. When used in the appropriate way, cushion cut diamonds … Read more

Asscher Diamond Price

The attractive Asscher cut is an emerald cut’s “step-cut” cousin. Similar to the emerald cut, the cut is simply defined by these rectangular-cut facets, allowing you to select the particular appearance you like.   Shiv Shambu is a restaurant in New York City’s exclusive diamond district. We have a big selection of diamonds, which includes … Read more

9 Reasons Why Amazon KDP is the Best Choice for Self-Publishing

Do you enjoy writing your own stories but wish you could share them with more people? Getting your book published might be challenging and expensive, but not with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon.   Your e-book or paperback may be published on Amazon for free via KDP, making it available to the billions of … Read more

How Tall Is Pooh Shiesty?

Known by his stage name, Pooh Shiesty, the Memphis rapper has recently made a splash in the American music scene. With his cartoon-like personality and his unique style, he has gained a large following, and earned over $2.97 million in the year of 2020. However, what is the real truth about Pooh’s height and weight? … Read more