Tips and Tricks to Better Practice Self Reflection

Life can change quickly. For example, you might be having a great day one moment, and then you get into a fender bender, and suddenly your day is completely ruined. You can either let that happen or take advantage of these moments to learn more about yourself or solve problems. Self Reflection is a great … Read more

Eren Yeager Haircut for Men

Eren Yeager’s hairstyle has varied as the series progresses, in both Titan and human form. In most of his initial scenes in both the manga and anime, he had long hair that reached down to his eyes, which was cut when he joined the Survey Corps. …

Performing A French Manicure At Home: 6 Steps And Tips 

A little bit of self-care and pampering once in a while is crucial to look and feel your best. And the word self-care almost immediately translates to a soothing pedicure and manicure to many people. A deep clean followed by a crisp trim and some vibrant coloring can make your hands feel smooth and look fabulous. And choosing a … Read more