Why Should You Pick A Windows-Based Hosting?

  Most small to medium business websites are hosted using Linux operating system. Linux is a platform comprising open-source software. It includes GNU and Linux kernel tools for developing projects. Before enlightening you with why you need to pick a Windows hosting, here are some misconceptions that you need to consider. If you are worrying about … Read more

4 Mandatory Hosting Features for Enterprises

    The best web hosting features for enterprises depend upon the needs of the company. Navicosoft is one of the best web hosting companies, providing the most flexible web hosting services according to user’s needs. Whether you are running a small enterprise or a large enterprise, we offer you everything according to your requirements. … Read more

Why Do You Need an App Development Agency to Build Your App in Dubai?

Introduction: Whether you are running your business on a small or large scale in this innovative and technological advancement era, you require an app. In this way, we can also say that if you are running a successful business, you need an app because that app will aid you in running your daily base operations … Read more

Google servers down today? know about why Google can’t be used?

If you are confused, are the Google servers down or not? Unwanted antivirus or malware software may be preventing Chrome from running. However, programs or processes that are currently running on your computer can affect Chrome. However, You can restart your computer to see if the problem can be fixed  If the problem persists, visit our website.