Cesar Arevalo Curates Brand Identity and Visibility for High-Profile Clients


Entertainment-based brand manager, TV producer and promotional entrepreneur Cesar Arevalo is accepting new clientele to join his portfolio of well-known names and brands.


Tampa, FL


Cesar Arevalo is helping business professionals and corporate brands elevate their public personas by amplifying their visibility using his proven promotional methodologies. Arevalo, being an energetic and multitalented entrepreneur, not only produces the television show ‘Azul Night TV’, manages social media, and builds the brand image for his clientele; but also runs CEAWEBSYSTEMS Group as the CEO and founder of the IT consulting company. His client base includes DirectTV and Dish Latino to name only a few. Now, Arevalo is growing his base by expanding his services and accepting new clients.


“People want brand visibility. They know me because of my entertainment background and my marketing, advertising, and social media skillset. I believe my clients see the value because they see results. It’s business 101. Understand your market and provide a need. People don’t want lip service, they want results which is what I deliver,’ said Cesar Arevalo.

Cesar Arevalo started off in the IT Industry. He switched gears after producing a television show for Telemundo in Tampa, Florida. From there, his branding and marketing abilities and resources grew.  Arevalo was in constant contact with celebrities and their publicists and quickly was able to leverage his talent and contacts to help his own clients become successful.

“Anything I do is to always help my clients and to entertain audiences. Someone or any brand can be great but if no one knows you, or your services, exist- then what? As I help people and companies build their brands and manage their social media accounts, I use my position within the entertainment industry and on social media to level the playing field and make sure my clients are well-known and seeing ROI,” finished Arevalo.

Cesar Arevalo is available to help manage qualified clients’ social media accounts as well as present marketing and advertising plans and promotion services. Members of the media are encouraged to submit an interview request. Mr. Arevalo is also available to speak with the media as a marketing and social media expert, discussing trends and social media policies that may be trending in the news.

Cesar Arevalo’s website is CesarArevaloTV.com.  Contact information for both the media and potential clients is listed below.

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