Change the shape of your face without surgery! How do?

Finally, you can enjoy a face with consistent measurements and standards without pain or surgery thanks to innovative and modern techniques to treat facial imperfections, and to obtain a perfect face with safe, comfortable and painless methods such as filler or autologous fat injection techniques.

What are the parameters of facial beauty?

Several studies were done on photos of beautiful faces and engineering analyzes to identify the beautiful facial features of women, and a set of features were found that were considered measures of facial beauty. For example, the width of the eye should be one-fifth of the width of the face, and the width of the nose should not exceed the distance between the eyes, and the distance from the top of the forehead to the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose, and from the bottom of the nose to the chin must be completely equal. This is a brief summary because the measurements that we analyze upon clinical examination and preview images exceed 30 facial measurements.

Do these standards apply to all people?

Most of these studies were conducted on European faces according dermatologist in Islamabad, and the resulting scales do not completely apply to South Asian faces that have certain characteristics, and faces vary in their shape between people of the same people and there are different styles and types of faces.

What are the shapes of the faces and which are the most beautiful?

The faces are divided into: circular, oval, square, and triangle, which is the most beautiful and resembles the shape of a heart, as it has prominent cheeks that are high and extreme to the sides, while the chin is thin and smooth, and the edges of the jaw are clear and defined. And one of the most important advantages of a heart-shaped or triangle face is that it combines classic beauty with attractiveness and excitement, and it is the shape of the face observed by Arab beauties.

What are the characteristics that distinguish the South Asian face?

Perhaps the most characteristic of South Asian beauties is the broadness of the eyes and the clear appearance of the whites of the eyes. The upper eyelid of South Asian beauties is deeper and higher than the European eyelid. Finally, the eyebrow is in a higher position compared to European women, and these characteristics are unique to Arab women.

Can a woman get a heart shaped face in search of a beautiful shape?

It is possible, but within limits, because the appearance of the face is caused by the overlapping of bones, muscles, fat and skin to give a specific and distinctive shape to each person. But filler techniques, autologous fat injections, or even medical fillers can be used in order to give women prominent and full cheeks, making the chin appear smaller. The jaw can also be sculpted by liposuction from the bottom of the face and the top of the neck, and the chin bone can also be reduced and modified for those who have a large or large protrusion in the chin.

Are there any side effects of such a procedure?

It is difficult to shorten the complications or negative effects because obtaining another face shape is not done in the same way for all patients, as a woman may need a little injection, while others need major adjustments in the front jawbones, and certainly the potential complications vary greatly between the two methods. But in general, some swelling and mild pain is expected that will disappear within a few days, and temporary bruising is also possible. After determining the patient’s proposed and specially designed treatment plan, the doctor will accurately explain the method of the operation and the possible side effects and will explain the steps that he will take to reduce the possibility of these complications.

How many sessions a woman needs to get a perfect face?

In most cases, the desired result can be obtained in one session, except for advanced cases that require several sessions.

What is the right age to have a perfect face?

It is not recommended to perform these operations until after the completion of facial growth, and this age is 16 for females and 18 for males, with the exception of cases of deformities, which can be intervened to fix them at a younger age.

Have you ever had such an operation on a woman?

These operations are very common, and we perform them at varying levels every week, and the results are very satisfactory, thank God.

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