Characteristics required for a Fresher to get a Software Tester Job

Last month, we got a chance to interact with few freshers, who were looking for jobs in the Software Testing field. Most of them were qualified engineers having computer science degrees and some of them have completed 6 months certification course in Software Testing. But when we asked the reason to work as a software tester, almost everyone said that they didn’t find a good job in software development. Of course, they had knowledge about software development and coding but the software testing zeal was missing. We didn’t want to misjudge them on that basis, so we decided to ask the same question to our colleagues. Those who are working in the same field for the last few years.

Why did you choose Software Testing as a career? We asked this question to a few of our colleagues, to understand what an individual thinks before landing this job. And what are the characteristics required for a fresher to get a software tester job? Surprisingly they all have something new to say about it and we received interesting replies.

Tester 1: Because it’s a quite responsible job. It also provides one to explore new technologies
Tester 2: I liked to be a software tester and liked to find bugs. it provides one’s to think more of how can we make any software better that’s why I opted for software testing.
Tester 3: I want to be a software testing engineer but I was never good at programming, In testing, we need less coding knowledge and more on scenario base testing where I can give 10/10 myself that why I choose testing as my career. According to me, testing is an art of playing with applications whether they are mobile /web or desktop application. While playing with applications tester explores the functionality, User interface, and area of improvement and makes them better.
Tester 4: I chose software testing as a career because I think it is easy to develop a product as per clients requirement as the client will mention all requirements but for a tester, the tester needs to think out of the box to find faults in the developed project and make it stable which is a most crucial step for the organization’s reputation.
Tester 5: Finding flaws in the software is my hobby. Even as a user I often have suggestions for any app’s betterment. I love to explore applications and break them.

We’re definitely not sure if these answers were different when they joined as a fresher. But it helped us a lot to change our approach while interacting with some newcomer who is looking for a software testing job. It also helps in understanding clients’ requirements and educating them with the process and the actual need for software testing for their products.

So if you have the above traits and if you are looking for job opportunities or want to change your career as a software tester, we’d glad to hear your perspective as well. Reach out to us by dropping your CV at or visit our website and let’s see if we can be a part of your professional journey.

And now we’ve changed our question. Now we ask them: What’ll you do if we hire you as a Software Tester?

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