Checklist for Settling into a New Home

So, you packed everything and hired furniture movers in Delta for fast and efficient transport services. You have moved your house to a new location. Now what? Living in a new place with your partner and family is a very exciting experience. However, settling into your new apartment comes with its share of challenges. From deciding on what to unpack first to rekeying the house, it can get exhausting for homeowners. If you are wondering what to do after a move, here’s the checklist for settling into a new home.

Manage Utilities

If you are moving into a rental home, the electricity companies might have shut the utilities off after the old tenant moved out. Call your utility service providers to have these services turned back on. If they are already working, call these companies to put them in your name. You may also want to switch your electricity or gas provider. It’s best to do this in advance, i.e., before your move.

Unpack the Essentials

You may have packed a few bags for essentials. The purpose of packing these bags is to spend the first few days without having to unbox everything. You can enjoy your first weekend in your new house peacefully after unpacking the essentials. These boxes usually contain the toiletries, important kitchen appliances, your medicines, a few comfy clothes, and other items you need every day. Leave the furniture, decor pieces, garden accessories, and attic for later.

Order New Furniture

Once you are done with utilities and packing, order a few modern furniture items for your new house. If you don’t have a budget for furnishing, hire Furniture Movers in Abbotsford and have your old furniture transported to your new place. You can repaint and repair these pieces to make them look refreshing and new. However, if you can afford furniture, invest in a sofa, coffee table, a recliner, bed, and side tables.

Update Your Home Security System

You need time to get familiar with the neighborhood. Moving in means new neighbors and unknowns. It’s important to upgrade your home’s security after your move. You can have peace of mind knowing that your house is safe and protected from break-in attempts. The first thing to do after a move is to change your door locks or rekey your house. You never know who still has keys to your apartment. Install CCTV cameras, a video doorbell, LED lights for outdoors, fire alarms, etc.

Unpack the Rest of Your House

After settling into your new home, you can start unpacking the rest of the house. There is no rush. Do it at a slow pace, but make sure you arrange everything according to your planned layout. You must pack your house by room. Get a different color box and a unique label for each room to make unpacking easier. Now that you have already unpacked the essentials move on to the living room. Unpack TV, furniture, and books. Likewise, you can unbox your house depending on your priority.

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