Chemical manufacturer face strict regulatory requirements

Chemical manufacturer face stringent regulatory requirements because of the volatility of the chemicals themselves. Businesses must be aware of the hazardous chemical reactions, the impact on the environment, and special treatment needs to protect employees and consumers. Identifying a software solution to manage these nuances requires industry expertise.

Do you need an industry centric solution?

Companies used to think that any ERP software could work in a process environment, but now it’s not. Process based solutions are designed to meet the specific formulation, labeling, storage, processing and transportation needs of the chemical industry.

The nature of chemical properties also adds a certain degree of complexity to chemical manufacturer. Process manufacturing requires a different feature set than a discrete solution to manage everything from laboratory chemists to compliance with the hazardous transportation restrictions issued by dot.

Experience reduction project failure

Experience in managing the uniqueness of chemical manufacturer and durable products is essential when selecting products and partners. At rkl solutions, we combine years of industry expertise and the right technology to help you:

Safety data sheet (SDS), replaced material safety data sheet (MSDS) in 2015

Global coordination system (GHS) requirements

Certificate of dynamic analysis (COA)

Prepared by weight, volume and percentage

Chemical properties include reaction, potency, shelf life and other properties

Continuous batch production

Inventory unit of measurement conversion and by-products

Quality control tracking and analysis

Forward and reverse batch traceability of the whole supply chain

Identify the operating instructions and hazards of the bill of lading

Regulatory reporting requirements such as OSHA, wimis and the European Union

CFR Part 11

Security and audit tracking using electronic document management

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