Child Sexual Abuse Intervention: How to Make It Stop

One of the worst things that can happen to a child is when he/she is sexually abused. It takes place when kids or minors are forced, coerced, enticed, deceived, or lured to engage in any kind of sexual activity with an adult, teenager, adolescent, or a fellow child stronger or older. Unfortunately for parents, there are many cases where they are not aware of it until the abuse has already been consummated. Rape Victim Support

Because of the prevalence of this crime, authorities and even concerned groups have formulated different strategies in order to prevent other children from being abused or heal and treat those who have already suffered from it. But there is one aspect that has been pretty much overlooked lately. What we are talking about is child sexual abuse intervention. How to Help Rape Victim

Child sexual abuse intervention is the process of interfering at the onset of the commission of the crime. There are several scenarios where victims are able to disclose and reveal their experience to someone before further damage or injury is inflicted to them. So if you are the one who has been approached by a victim of child sexual abuse, you must be equipped with the right knowledge to act accordingly. Here are some tips in order to intervene and stop child sexual abuse:

The very first mentality you have to ensure is being prepared if a child tells you that he/she is currently experiencing sexual abuse. Composure is needed especially if you are the parent or someone close to the victim. Never show outrage or fear since the reason why the victim chose you is because he/she thinks you can help him/her. Put in mind that there are no warning signs. It is either that the disclosure happened intentionally or accidentally. In both scenarios, you have to think of a good response. Additionally, bear in mind that your response will determine the kind of trust the victim builds on you. bopsass

Next is understanding. A victim of child abuse is under constant fear and anxiety. Thus, he/she is unlikely to respond in a rational manner. As the one responsible for intervening in the abuse, you have to fully understand the victim’s psychological and emotional condition. For instance, you need to listen to everything he/she says, though they may not be right. A lot of them feel that the abuse was their fault or that they are afraid that the abuser might go after them because of the revelation. You have to be there to reassure them of their safety.

Obviously, the last thing you have to be certain of is responding correctly. Proper response entails qualities such as being calm and composed, but as the same time manifesting concern and care. The victim must feel that you are not afraid of the consequences of helping him/her. Furthermore, you have to develop a good and patient listening attitude considering that a child’s disclosure regarding an abuse may well be coupled with strong emotion, tears, and irrational behavior. sexually assaulted Tauranga

Next, put the safety of the victim as main priority. Ensure that he/she is safe from being abused all over again. If you are in the United States, reporting the abuse to CPS is the most practical thing to do. Informing the authorities is very important especially if you see fresh and recent wounds or bruises in the victim. This may mean that he/she has been abused perhaps in the last 24 hours. Also, keep reminding the victim that you will always be there to keep him/her safe in the whole duration of the intervention process.

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