Choose a Highlight from Lancer Tactical for Your Collection

Everyone has their favorite brands, regardless of the industry in question. Some people are even brand loyal about generic things like gasoline. When you start bringing real measurable qualities into the picture, brand loyalty becomes more defensible and understandable. Among the key players in airsoft are Evike, JAG Arms, Tokyo Marui, Elite Arms, and Lancer Tactical, among others.

Whether you need a practical AEG or a bolt-action sniper rifle that’s loaded down with features, you’ll be able to pick out some real top choices from Lancer Tactical’s lineup, and you won’t be wanting much when you shop at MiR Tactical. In their lineup, they offer everything from the highest-quality full metal airsoft guns to budget-friendly options to suit just about every player’s need.

Let’s say you’re looking for a high-quality AEG that is a replica of a popular historical model. There’s a lot to choose from, but only consider the highlight features of their AK-47S Replica made with real wood, which of course you can find online at

This AEG, which is a stunning replica of one of the most influential rifles ever produced in the history of the world, is also a stunning example of quality. Its body is full-metal, it comes with a full metal gearbox and the forend is made with actual wood. It’s a weighty, impressive replica of this infamous, or infamous, infantry rifle. Still, this type of illustration only scratches the surface.

Its Version 3 Gearbox is reliable and will deliver under pressure. In addition, the latest customer buzz reports that this AEG can attain muzzle velocities somewhere around 400 FPS, which is powerful and capable. It’s the type of AEG that you can comfortably carry into a match with confidence. Or, you can accidentally knock it over without being afraid that it’s made of tissue paper.

Not everyone loves an AEG, though, and some players will have a much more pronounced need for a reliable spring-powered airsoft rifle like their Lancer Tactical M82. This is a very powerful, very capable spring-powered rifle that is ready to serve you in the field.

Not only is it capable of reaching up to 435 FPS, but it has an adjustable hop-up system and a longer barrel that can ensure better accuracy far out at range. It also comes with a significant section of quad rail extended forward along the barrel, which is perfect for tacking on useful accessories. For one, you’ll want to invest in some quality optics so you can make use of its effective range and accuracy.

Plus, this thing is tough and ready to hang with the worst conditions that you can serve up in a match. Much like all of the representatives from Lancer Tactical’s line, this rifle is built to take it on the chin while delivering impressive performance.

If you’re in the market for a new replica AEG or a powerful spring rifle like the one above, give Lancer Tactical a shot. Even if you don’t walk away with something new, you’re going to walk away with a renewed impression of high-quality replicas.

Visit MiR Tactical at and investigate their collection of Lancer Tactical products to see if there’s something new waiting for you to bring home today. As an added bonus, you’ll love that they offer a huge catalog of tactical equipment, airsoft attachments and accessories, and other brands in their online store as well.

Best of all, if you do find something that you can’t walk away from, you’ll love their price match guarantee and flat rate shipping – though it’s important to note they offer free shipping with qualifying orders as well. Visit their website or give them a call at 800-581-6620 to see more of what they can offer you.

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