Choosing The Best End Mills For Sale

Computer guided cutting tools have been one of the most important manufacturing breakthroughs of the last century. Not only do these machines make it easy to manufacture any component in a fraction of the time it would take with other tools, but the results that they offer have exceptionally tight tolerances. One important thing to consider when using a CNC or other milling machine is the cutters that are being used. If you want to produce the best possible results, you need to make sure you have high quality tools. There are a lot of end mills for sale online, so it is important to know exactly what you are looking for before you buy.

Types of End Mills
The first consideration for any machinist should always be what you need to accomplish. Different end mills will be required in order to perform different tasks. Most milling jobs will require several different cutters to get the job done. Most tools feature either a square nose or ball nose design, though some mill bits may have more specialized shapes or flute structures. This may include tools designed to remove material quickly followed by fine tools aimed at accuracy.

You may also need some specialized tools to get the job done, depending on the components that you are machining. Tools like thread mills are designed to quickly add threads to your workpiece. If you need to produce holes in harder materials like metal, you may also need specialized drilling tools like spot or stub drills to ensure accuracy.

End Mill Materials
When you are looking for end mills for sale, you will probably see tools made from different materials. The most common materials for producing end mills are high speed steel alloys and carbide. High speed steel, as the name suggests, is a steel alloy designed to tolerate the temperatures that come with high speed machining. This means that you can operate at higher speeds and feeds without compromising the integrity of your cutting edges.

High speed steel has a huge advantage over conventional steel tools, but carbide is the best option for machinists who are operating at high speeds. Carbide is a composite ceramic and metal material. The ceramic carbide is twice as rigid and twice as dense as steel, but does not suffer the same fatigue when operating under high temperatures. This means that you can run your carbide end mills even faster than tools made from HSS alloys.

A final thing to consider when buying new tools is where they are coming from. A lot of machinists will try to save money by purchasing cheap tools that are shipped from overseas. While this can definitely help save a little cash in the short term, these cheaply made tools tend to lose their edges quickly or fail unexpectedly due to the fact that they are sometimes made from inferior carbide tool stock. Buying from domestic manufacturers is one way to ensure that you will have tools that are designed to hold their edges and that you will be able to contact the manufacturer during regular business hours if you have any issues with your tools.

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