Clear Signs Your Swing Sets Are Calling for a Replacement!

red and black playground surrounded by trees during daytime

Having a playground in your property is amazing. You don’t need to take your kids to the public garden where safety and hygiene becomes a concern (especially in the post pandemic world) and they can enjoy a fun time in your house. And of course, you even take all the necessary measures to ensure that this playground is the safest for your child. But what if there is something that may harm your kids seriously? Obviously, this is something to be worried about and you should consider resolving the issue immediately. Yes, we aren’t talking about anything else but the playground equipment that you own! To be clear, swings precisely!

Know when it’s finally time to change your swing set! 

Your kids definitely love the swing set. But have you checked it well? What if it’s seriously damaged and requires a replacement immediately? Can you imagine what may happen when you are delaying this task? So, if you want to keep your child free of danger and injury, then immediately get a new swing set from Austek Play providing playgroup equipment of all kinds in excellent quality and at reasonable rates. Now let’s concentrate on the pointers that say SOS replacement of your swing set is a must:

  • Your swing has seen some good old days — Is the swing in your playground actually a passed on legacy from your parents to you and now to your kids? Well, then halt this cycle right here and replace it with a new one immediately.
  • It’s been attacked wildly — If you have just witnessed a storm and the winds have beaten your swing badly, then there are very high chances that it may have already been damaged and has fallen. But if it is still hanging around, don’t wait for it to fall with your kid on it. Replace it immediately.
  • It shouts more than your kid — We understand children making loud chirpy noises while playing on the swings. But if swings make these noises then something is fishy! Try lubricating, but when this trick doesn’t work, it’s time to say goodbye to the old screaming swing.
  • It’s cracked and ready to break —Can you see visible cracks? Well, the damage is done, and you’ll require a new, tough swing.
  • It’s too much rusted — If your swing is almost completely rusted, then basically your child is playing in the most unhygienic playground. The little one is very vulnerable to infections and diseases because of this rusted swing and you definitely shouldn’t delay in getting rid of the old one immediately.

If you are wise enough, you won’t ever ignore any of the above signs that your swings display. Also, never delay these matters and replace the old swing set with a new one ASAP. Because the playground is a happy place that helps your child grow. Don’t let it turn into a horror experience for your child.

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