Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Email Hosting

An email has been used as a formal communication mode since the inception of the internet. Even in the current times, the most formal way of communicating useful information is through email. Companies tend to improve their email services by choosing a reliable host for them. However, connecting with the right email host is not an easy nut to crack. The process involves various useful points you need to pay attention to. This article will incorporate common mistakes you should avoid in choosing email hosting. Keep reading to know more!

Common mistakes in choosing email hosting:

Email hosting companies offer exclusive and excellent services to their clients. They guarantee you 99.9% uptime and high bandwidth with maximum storage capacity. But trusting one reliable partner with all your data and business needs is challenging, and people often end up making a grave mistake. We are here to guide you on what these mistakes are. Let us begin!

1. Going without research:

Before you sign the final papers with a host, you better conduct extensive research. Blindly jumping off the train with a hosting provider is not recommended, and it would be best to go through a list of various hosts who offer reliable services at affordable prices.

The market is saturated, and you will find hosting providers at each step as you go down the road. It becomes a challenging task which one to trust and which one to avoid. To help you in this matter, we have compiled a list of necessary points you should go through during your due diligence process.

  • Read customer reviews
  • Hosting packages offered by the host
  • Visit hosting provider website
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Location of the host/Data center location

2. Cost of email hosting:

Most people fall into the trap of free email hosting or free web hosting services. Remember one rule in this game: Cheap is expensive. You only get the services that you have paid for, and there is no free lunch. There are packages available for different types of businesses, and you need to choose the one that best caters to your business needs.

It would help if you did not overpay or underpay for a particular hosting package. A flexible partner will offer you different packages to choose from. It would be best to make a wise decision to avoid any mishap in the future. Consider buying Email Hosting Dubai services from reliable hosts who can offer you a variety of plans.

3. Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Most people often settle for the email address provided by the hosting provider. If there is a server issue or any other technical fault regarding your email hosting, you must contact your provider. In case they are not responding to your email, what will you do? It is the point where most customers forget to draw a service level agreement with their hosts.

The agreement empowers you to test the customers’ service quality before signing the deal. Your host will claim 24/7 technical support, but you need not settle for mere email. Ask for their telephone number and live access to the support team. At times if the issues are not resolved with SLA, check on the available escalation procedures.

4. Relying on host backups:

Even the biggest of names in the hosting industry lose data due to server glitches or cyber-attacks. People often rely on their hosting provider backups, but it is not recommended. What if the server is attacked, and you lose all your important emails? You better seek for an alternative to keep things safe.

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The best you can do is keep performing regular backups of your sensitive data. These backups will help you if your host ever runs into a problem. Do not settle for backups promised by your email hosting provider.

5. Not observing security level:

With cyber attackers and hackers getting more sophisticated every passing day, not observing your host security level would be tomfoolery. Choosing your email host wisely is a crucial element since the host can provide you with the necessary security levels. The provider must ensure you that they can go to all extents to keep your sensitive data safe.

Irrespective of the high-end security measures your host might have put in place, the hackers can still jump them over. Ask for more security features like two-factor authentication. If you want high-end security for your email hosting, consider buying  hosting packages from reliable partners.

Settle for an excellent web hosting package with reliable partners!

Web hosting and email hosting are trending in the current business era but connecting with the right partners is challenging. It would be best if you watched out for various roadblocks as you move along the way. Consider joining hands with reliable hosting providers for streamlined email and web hosting solutions for your business!

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