Connect with the hearts of users by launching a music streaming app like Spotify

Hey there! Over the years, technology has given a revamp to every sector by the way boasting its growth. As technology didn’t leave any sector uncovered, it is the same for the music industry as well. Beforehand, the only source of listening to music was through TVs and radios. Fast forward to contemporary times; music streaming apps have made it possible for us to listen to songs on the go. Leading music streaming apps like Spotify, Gaana, Apple Music, and Amazon music, people show likeness towards Spotify as the app provides extensive benefits to its users.

What paved the way for the development of music streaming apps?

The music streaming apps came as an alternative to traditional ways of listening to music. Previously, we were dependent on TVs and radios. But then the dawn of the internet-enabled us to download music from several websites and store it on our mobile devices. Storing the songs in our devices started eating up our device’s storage. Considering all these criteria, the idea of developing music streaming apps came into play. The app surfaced up with millions of song collections from different genres that enticed users to listen to unlimited songs on the go.

How come developing music streaming apps like Spotify will fetch you benefits?

For many people, not even a day passes by without listening to music. A stat says that the music streaming apps are becoming one of the most downloaded apps from the Play Store. From the stat, it is evident that the music streaming apps will be one of the ever-thriving businesses to invest in. While you decide to invest in music apps, it is crucial to distinguish your app from the other competitive music apps. You can very well distinguish your app by adopting the clone model. The clone app refers to the replica of already existing apps. Clone app developers will create a replica of the app and allow you to customize the entire app according to your preferences. Customizations are crucial in setting your app apart from competitor apps and bring in more leads. This blog will break down the features and revenue pattern of the Spotify clone app.

Before spiraling down to the features of the app, let us figure out the metrics that will give a great user experience.

Metrics that influence the quality of the app:

User Interface– Users come to your app to listen to songs that will soothe their souls or fade away blues. While this is the intention of the app, the interface must be lucid so that users don’t find it hard to navigate, and that will put a spoke to their mood. 

Free trial– users will love to dry run before paying subscription fees. So it is recommended to offer a free trial to new users that will stand a chance to showcase the quality of your app and convert them to paid users.

Multiple languages– As your ultimate goal is to bring in global users to the app, it is necessary to include songs of different languages. Also, as music has no language barriers, let users listen to songs of multiple languages.

Essentials to provide unprecedented user experience:

Personalized playlists– The app’s AI will capture the user’s song preferences and recommend them with a similar genre of songs.

Listen offline– The offline feature will let users download songs while online and listen to them offline. The offline feature will allow users to listen to songs seamlessly via your app.

Endless songs– Make your app a never-drying repository of songs with unlimited storage of songs. Get royalty from different musicians and artists and list them on your app.

Basic features of the music streaming app:

  • Recommendations
  • Trending songs
  • Advanced search field
  • Download songs
  • Social sharing
  • Recently played
  • Playlists
  • User groups
  • Multiple payment methods

The revenue stream of Spotify like the app:

Subscription charges– Users are entitled to access several premium features like offline access, download unlimited songs if they are a paid subscriber.

Ad charges– You can display ads of several third parties on your music app. The revenue from ads can be based on the number of clicks (pay per click) or the number of views (pay per impression). It depends on the third party you associate with.

Factors that contribute to the cost of development of your music app:

  • A number of features you wish to incorporate into the app.
  • The technology stack used to develop the app.
  • Level of UI customization. For example, if you may prefer basic to advanced UI. The cost depends on whether you opt-out for a basic or advanced version of UI.
  • Platforms in which the app is deployed. You can get Spotify clone Android for Android platforms and Spotify clone iOS for iOS platform.


The blog has stated the ins and outs of the music streaming platform and how launching a Spotify like App can tuck in benefits for your business.

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