CRM Software for Free: What Makes It Great?

Earlier, customer relationship records used to be maintained in notebooks and spreadsheets. Keeping a record of customers’ details, their purchase history, and interactions manually is a lot of work. That’s where a Customer Relationship Management software comes into play. It helps manage all customer relation touchpoints, including previous and current prospects, from emails to phones to twitter. Many marketing firms also use this cloud-based platform to track sales, organize contacts, automate tasks, monitor social media accounts, and control expenses. While some manufacturers make this tool available in exchange for money, others just want to increase their sales by offering it for free or with premium charges. Those who are getting started with their businesses might not want to drop a heavy monthly fee on the software because their tight budget only allows them for CRM software for free.

Many businesses try different tools since they are free of cost and then narrow down the ones that are best based on their features. The top nine free CRM tools are Bitrix24, Zoho CRM, HubSpot CRM, Insightly, Capsule, Really Simple Systems, Agile CRM, Streak, and Flowlu. Each of these platforms has an individual significance that makes them suitable for different business needs. Helping businesses manage almost every spec of their customer relations and sales and marketing strategies, it’s hard to believe it comes for no cost. It’s because the manufacturers believe that once the clients are satisfied with free features, they will opt for paid versions to unlock additional features. Even if they don’t, here are some features they still get to leverage.

Robust Free Features

Although the priceless tool will not have specifications that a paid version can offer, whatever it offers must be robust. All the features that the manufacturer promises to deliver in the costless software should function properly and must be managed without upgrading. At a minimum, businesses can make the most of their contact management, deal tracking, and task automation properties.

Easy Usability

The tool is invested in for allaying the stress involved in tumultuous manual work. Therefore, the “Ease of Use” attribute makes the software great for managing customer relations. It comes from the layout of the platform, which must feel similar to one people are familiar with it. In general, it should be easy to navigate from day one.

Unique Features

A lot of options are out there with something unique to offer. These unique features help them stand out in the market and beat the competition. However, choosing the right tool depends on whether the unique property of a given software meets the business need or not.

App Integration

The primary objective of an organization to invest in a cloud-based platform is to centralize the business operations. To keep every department connected and to facilitate seamless flow of information, they look for a tool that has an app integration facility, allowing email, social media, calling, eCommerce, and marketing platforms to function together.

First things first, the cost-free availability of CRM software makes it a worthwhile adoption. Besides, the robust and unique features, easy navigation, and app integration help this tool stand out, especially for businesses with a low budget.

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