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JNTech Networks are the leaders in providing Data Science Training and Machine Learning. We proudly introduce the integrated blend training in making experts in Data Science. The Data Science training at JN Tech Networks makes the student’s industry ready to take on any challenges in reaching their aspiring job roles. We are based in Delhi NCR, with a leading cognitive IT solution with a plethora of technology.

On completion of the Data Science Training with us, you will be getting a world-recognized certificate. This certificate will testify that your skills are optimum to be a Data Science expert.

Data Science is a buzz in the industry and the hottest profession today. The demand for Data Scientists is on a rise since 2020 and gone up by 28%. Our Data science curriculum is designed by industry experts. We encourage to develop skills like Hypothesis Testing, Statistics, Clustering, Data Mining, Decision Tree building, Hadoop, Data Wrangling, Regression Modeling, PROC SQL, Data Visualization, Linear and logistic regression, Unsupervised Learning and much more.

Our Data Science Training covers exclusive course which has online-instructor led classes, self-paced recorded lecture video course, and in-class offline training too. The certification encapsulates the project by designing real industrial products, which ensures the key aspects are taught to the student. All the skills cumulatively prepare the student to prepare for the role of Data Scientist.

We make sure our students get experts at:

· Learning in detail about the Data Structure and Manipulation

· Go through the use of linear and non-linear regression models

· In data analysis, students start to understanding the classification techniques

· Work on scientific and technical computing for multiple projects using the sub-packages like Integration, Optimization, Statistics, Weave and IO

· Learn about MapReduce and its various characteristics. Over that, you will learn about the data ingesting through Sqoop and Flume

· Understand the models like linear regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and logistic regression through both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques

· We teach the students about various components of the Hadoop

· Understand the data analysis using Tableau and gain expertise in making interactive dashboards

· Learn basic concepts of engine and time series modelling.

· You will gain practical knowledge on Machine learning, the principles, algorithms and applications.

This Data Science Training at JNTech Network includes more than 15 current industry bases real-life, industry-based projects. Our Projects are based on various domains to help the students master all the concepts of Data Science.

We let our students go through mentorship to build a high-quality industrial project, further solving a lot of real-world problems. This will leverage the skills and tech learned in the Data Science training program. Our students will also get an option to choose the industry type of project and work they want to work on.

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