Deciding: Move or Renovate

There’s a time when as a homeowner, you come to a crossroads to renovate your house or move. This feeling could be for varying reasons, like finances, work-life, family needs, lifestyle adjustments, goals, and family expansion. It could also be because of a need for your house to meet up with the new normal, an observance of a structural inefficiency, or a significant change in taste.

Deciding whether to sell your home or renovate is a tough decision irrespective of what you want to consider. While you can get fast home buyers in Lancaster or a renovation company, both have associated costs that might be more expensive than you might think. Picking what is right for you can be overwhelming, but there’s a need to take time to run through all the options, pros and cons, and associated costs.

To make informed conclusions about your renovate or sell decisions, you need to figure out what’s best for you, and here are some common questions you need to ask yourself.

What’s driving me to Move?

The idea of considering renovating or moving comes from the discovery of at least one thing you wish was different about your home. Some of these fatal flaws could exist outside your four walls, such as traffic issues, flooding problems, or insecurity which are good reasons to move. Other times, they could be internal issues from within the four walls that renovation could fix.

When a renovation project cannot be finalized within a reasonable budget, then it’s the right time to go in search of the best house buying company in Lancaster. Structural renovation works like adding a room can be costly and could prompt moving and selling as a more viable option.

What is my available budget if I choose to renovate?

Many people consider renovation a viable alternative. They feel more connected to their homes because of the endless memories and sentimental value it provides. This sways them to want to stay and renovate a property rather than consider moving out and selling it. You will need to have an in-depth review of what you will be in for when you renovate rather than move.

Don’t be of the mindset of having a renovation idea and going straight at it. You need to consider the amount of money you can part with for renovation work and its accompanying benefits. There is also a need to consider certain factors like the actual cost of renovation (which is not only about money) while also considering your location, labor cost, permits, and the average costs of the building. You never can know but renovating can be more expensive than selling and buying something else.

Is my local council open to renovations?

Surprising as it might sound, councils permits and approval is another significant factor to consider when deciding whether to renovate or move. Depending on the renovations you are planning and your property type, you will need to check for guidance in your council and state areas for a minimum planning and building permit.

Getting permits and council approvals can be costly and most times, are always a time-consuming process. Sometimes it takes up to a couple of years until everything passes through for approval, and you cannot begin building and complete the project. Little wonder some people see it best to sell and buy a new one.

Should I decide to sell, how do I go about it?

Selling a home isn’t as easy as putting out a sign or listing on the internet. It is as tricky as buying a first home. After deciding to sell that property for another, you need to specify how you want to get that done. How you choose to sell determines different aspects of the sales from the cost of selling, selling strategies, and the preparations you need to make.

Under varying circumstances, you could decide to sell through a real estate agent, organize the sales yourself or simply sell to companies with the claim “we buy houses in Lancaster.” The latter helps to cut down significantly the time and efforts wasted looking for a buyer, staging a house, or much of the other practices attributed to modern-day home sales.

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