Decorative laminates for an elegant outside and beautiful inside.

Decorative laminates for an elegant outside and beautiful inside.


A beautiful inside begins from a beautiful outside. When designing our spaces, we pay close attention to make them more beautiful and decorative interior, while we mostly tend to ignore the exterior. Space should be designed in a manner that a passer-by who glances would not be able to resist from thinking if it is so amazing from outside, how wonderful could it be inside? Bringing a revolutionary change in the designing of space, unlike the usage of stone or stony material to make spaces attractive and elegant from outside, laminates are now being widely used to beautify the spaces.


Laminates used for exteriors are simply a cladding material that is used to decorate the structures such as homes, commercial spaces, malls, hospitals, etc. Exterior laminates are also used for façade for most spaces. Laminates can also be used for flooring in the sit-out portion of the house. A perfect choice to match with the wood shade of a garden or a contrast, laminates are available in various designs and shades that can make the exteriors of your spaces eye-catching. In addition, if you are looking at getting more creativity to reflect on your spaces, digital laminates provide the best surfacing solutions.


When the exteriors are perfectly designed, how can you let go of the interiors? Laminates and interior decors provide the best solution with a wide variety of designs and textures to enhance the aesthetics of your interiors. There is no corner of a home, office, commercial space, etc., where laminates cannot be used.


Laminates make your spaces warm, welcoming, and adorable. They can be used for designing living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and much more. Laminates undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of your spaces. In addition, home decors can add to the beauty.


Where can you find the best laminates?

If you are wondering if it is possible to find such laminates, the answer is Radheshyam Laminates. A place where you will find wide options under a single roof for both laminates and home decors.


Why should you prefer Radheshyam Laminates?

A house of 20+ global brands to choose from a range of 4500+ laminate range is enough to tickle your mind because every product of Radheshyam is unique in its own way. Besides being attractive, the laminates here are a promise of quality and durability. The durability and strength protect from wrinkling, denting, or fading making them the ideal choice. We are committed to delivering the best quality with error-free and on-time delivery.


Home-décor by Radheshyam Laminates

Home decors make an integral part of glorifying the design of your home. Radheshyam offers the best home décor solution with our products namely Jilda and Charcolite Panel. Again, both these collections have various theme-based collections.


Jilda offers a collection of:

• Chrome model

• Classic KL

• Flower NZ

• Ladyrint LM

• Net PL

• Rod SR

• Rose GL


Charcolite panel provides a collection of 20+ designs such as:

• CLT 3D 005

• CLT 3D 006

• CLT 3D 007

• CLT 3D 008

• CLT 3D 009

• CLT 3D 0010 and many more


The advantages of home décor products at Radheshyam are:

• Easy to install.

• Fire-retardant.

• Termite-free

• Water-resistant.


All these features and the wide range make Radheshyam Laminates and interior decors the perfect surfacing and décor solutions for every space. Decorative laminates that make your exteriors elegant and your interiors beautiful.



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