Delightful UPVC Doors For Indian Homes: 4 Types Of Doors

The PVC windows and doors have gained popularity over the years for its long durability and fine looks. However, have you wondered about your doors and windows with the new uPVC chemical composition that is taking over the PVC ones as they are systematically designed for taking care of the problems that usually affect the beautiful home. Nevertheless making a big difference with the uPVC door can give you so much more than just a door.

The uPVC doors come in various sizes and shapes that are suitable for every home. Here are the variant uPVC doors have given below:

  • Slide and fold doors– these doors are suggested for the bigger homes as these can be slid and folded. Giving a neat and clean look these can become a large shield to cover up the balcony and can be converted into a room. The doors can either be fixed or can be moved depending on the customer’s choice. These doors are easy to access from other choices since it has a normal door system mechanism and does not require any further changes.


  • Casement doors – these doors are designed with single sash technology which is hinged from one side. These doors can be opened both outwards and inwards. It is energy-efficient and gives a soundproof indoor system. The uPVC doors are double glazed therefore it has a good amount of thickness to secure you from noise.



  • French doors – customers can give their home a French look with these styles of uPVC doors as they are designed in such a way that it takes back to the 17th These are double hinged doors that open outwards and inwards as well. To look for its security purpose these are considered to be safe as it has a multi-lock system. These doors are fitted well and give the maximum life-span.
  • Slide and lift doors – at an angle of 180degree you can rotate the handle of the door and can easily lift up. These doors generally come with large panels. Moving on the rollers it lifts the doors which can be built in various ways such as sliding, corner, and curved. You also have the option of setting up the partial opening.

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