Delivery King App – It’s Super Convenient To Have a Single App for All Your Delivery Needs

The world that we live in has evolved in a huge way in the last few years. While we have been adept at making sure that we can use our smart phones for just about every kind of requirement there is still a major need for on demand services made available through the app. This is where the Delivery King app comes into the picture.

What is the Delivery King App?

On Demand delivery is the need of the hour. Everyone needs to send things from one place to another but hates to go all the way to the courier office in order to do so. And it just tends to become so tedious to think about the dimensions and weight of the packages before they can actually send it across.

The Delivery King application is more the just sending parcels. It is a holistic app that includes any and all kinds of delivery regardless of whether there is a shopping component attached to it. Let us dive into each and every component included within the Delivery King App and understand their functionality in depth.

On Demand Parcel Delivery

This is the section of the application that allows you to make sure that your user can send across parcels from one place to another. This parcel can be of any size and dimension. For example, it can be a folder with a few documents or a hundred bags of cement. There are two formats in which this operates:

  1. Single Delivery Option- This option allows users to get the parcels picked up from one location and delivered to a single location.
  2. Multiple Delivery Option- This option allows users to get their parcels picked up from place but delivered to multiple other locations.

The user can choose the vehicle in which they would like the delivery to be made based on the dimensions of the package and its weight apart from the budget.

Store Based Delivery

This is the option that allows users to purchase items and get them delivered to their doorstep right through the app. The app facilitates users to make the purchase of the product via the app first and add the delivery location of the same. There are multiple options within this type of delivery. They are:

  1. On Demand Food Delivery service- This section operates like the Uber Eats app. The users can see a list of restaurants and order food from their favorite restaurants by making online payments and get the items delivered to their homes.
  2. On Demand Grocery Delivery service- This section enables users to purchase groceries from the app and then get them delivered home. The app will work in a similar fashion to the on demand food delivery section.
  3. On Demand Pharmacy Delivery- This section enables users to purchase medicines online and get them home delivered. This means that people can also upload their prescriptions and have the medicines dropped to their homes.
  4. On Demand Bottled Water Delivery- This is the part that allows people to purchase water online from people who provide bottled potable water. The flow of the app is very similar to that of the restaurant apps.
  5. Other sections of the app include: On Demand bakery goods app, on demand flower delivery, on demand medicinal marijuana delivery app.
  6. Delivery Genie

This is the section of the application that works wonders if you wish to buy something from a store but don’t know how to get it delivered to your home. With the delivery genie option, you can have the delivery driver go to any store and pick up the stuff that you have purchased from a store.

Delivery Runner

This is another feature of the app that allows the app users to hire an errand boy using the app. This delivery runner will go and pick up or drop anything that you like from anywhere. This means that if you want your laundry to be picked up, a packet of cigarette to be bought and so on and so forth, you simply call hire a delivery runner using the app and be on your way to a satisfied day where everything happens without you needing to step out of your homes even once.

Where to buy your own On Demand Delivery App like the Delivery King?

The Delivery King app is a unique app that delivers anything and not many companies across the world are developing it. If you wish to secure the best Delivery King app in the market, your only option is to rely on a white label on demand mobile app development company that develops on demand apps with at least 7 to 8 years of experience in the on demand market.

The app needs to be developed in an environment which is suited for advanced mobile app development with state of the art infrastructure and relying only on advanced technology stack. To be sure that the app is great, make sure that you test it thoroughly before you invest in it.

Ask your development team from the on demand white label on demand mobile app development company so that they can set you up with a demo account using which you can download the demo app (which is the same one as the one that will be white labeled for your use) on multiple devices.

While you are at it, make sure that you download this app on Android and iOS devices so that you can see how the flow of the app works. After that, also remember to check out the website of the application and the admin panel of the same to know full well whether the app makes sense for your business goals or not. If you believe it does, just get it customized with the language and currency settings to go ahead and launch your business under your logo and brand name and re skin it with your company colors in less than a week’s time.

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