Deployment of the Azure Redis Cache in Several Development Operations


The general availability SLA of 99.9% is now present with the Azure cache for Redis. With its superb functionalities that will have a lasting impact on developers and enterprises worldwide, this caching service has been deployed on the open-source Redis project. The customers can now use a secure and dedicated Redis Cache that the Microsoft corporation manages.

The Redis server is known for its caching technology. The data remains in-memory and superlative data caching technology prevents any latencies in responding to user requests. With sub-millisecond latencies, the rich feature-set and ecosystem provided by Redis are complemented with secure hosting and superbly reliable monitoring by Microsoft.

The tiers of availability of the Azure Cache for Redis:

The Redis Azure pricing depends directly on the following tiers in which it is available.

  • Basic – It features a single node, multiple sizes, and is ideal for development works.
  • Standard- This creates a replicated cache present in a double-noded primary/secondary configuration managed by Microsoft. The Azure Redis cloud pricing is also higher for this than the basic one.
  • Premium- The premium tier is a pricey version that features all the basic and standard tiers’ functionalities and does more. It provides better performance over the basic and standard cache versions and includes a high-availability SLA.
  • Enterprise- The Enterprise version is designed to meet organizations and enterprises’ needs, performing bigger workloads while ensuring enhanced security. You can also stay relaxed because there is enhanced disaster recovery. As a result, it features the most expensive Redis cache cost.

Use of the Azure cache for Redis in several essential development functions:

You can enjoy a superlative Redis service when employing the Azure cache for various operations for scalability.

● Storing session state in the Azure cache for Redis:

Your web application needs a state, but cookies aren’t sufficient. Session state is a provision that contains a server-managed state mechanism that will cater to an application’s needs when it requires storing state. Microsoft corporation has taken special care of such requirements. With its superb Azure cache for Redis, you can easily integrate the storing form with the sharing sessions in .Net applications.

After installing and managing the required Nuget packages in your project, you are ready to configure the application’s shared session storage state to employ the Azure Redis cache that has been created.

● Storage of HTML output cache in Azure Redis:

Output cache is a superb way that enhances site performance. The output cache is used to store HTML data in a cache to reduce the response times and the website loading time efficiently. With the Azure cache for Redis, Microsoft has provided the developers and website owners with an efficient solution to configure their .Net applications and use it as an impeccable HTML output cache.

Here also, you need to add the Nuget package, install and then manage it. The next step involves configuring the output cache using the Azure cache for the Redis server.

● Custom usage of Azure Redis Cache:

You can also put the Redis Cache into customized usage. Using the Azure cache for Redis for general use is entirely possible. The Stack Exchange Nuget package offers you great flexibility in the same. You need to install the Stack Exchange. Redis, which is provided by the above-mentioned Nuget package.

Once this step is done, you can connect and interact with the cache without any hassle. You can use controllers that utilize the cache for value increment and showing the same in several modes.

Closing thoughts:

The open-source and flexible architecture of the Redis server helps in its seamless integration with the Microsoft Azure services. The BSD-3 license also allows developers to extend on the project and integrate seamless functionalities to help organizations and enterprises derive significant value.

With the Redis cache’s superb offerings, Microsoft Azure has taken it a notch up and offered tremendously flexible and efficient options. Now we all can use the Azure cache for Redis to perform the destined tasks with immense ease. The Azure Redis Cache is an innovation that will climb higher ranks and provide scalability options and massive functionalities in the long run.

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