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Is the Perfect Food Combination of Indian Sweet and Fruit?

This has become a major Centre for foodies all over the country who love Asian foods. They serve delicious traditional Indian dishes that are inspired by the countries such as the Mughlai culture, Chinese culture and even the Arabian culture and royal traditions.

What makes the apart from all the other Desi Sweet Centre Menu restaurants is that they offer the very rare DSS exclusive Indian sweet dishes in a very large format. The main dishes served there are Lip Sandwiches, Rice Puffs, Dry Fruit Chutney and many more. Apart from these, the DSS also serves specialty items like the Rasgullas, Samosas, Pickles and many more. But before enjoying these mouthwatering delicacies, one should try to find out the history of the famous sweet.

Desi Sweet Centre was established by Hardidar in 1956 as a part of the ‘Maharaja Mango festival’. He initially started his restaurant with just four sweets but later added on to the existing two branches. Today, Hardidar serves around thirty-five types of sweets. However, most of his sweets are vegetarian. Many of his recipes have been handed down through the generations.

Using Traditional Methods of Sweet Dishes

The sweet dishes served here are prepared using traditional methods. Rasgulla, Kaju Barfi, Pista Barfi and Sadhams are some of the famous ones. Rasgulla is a rice pancake which is filled with less moore and cooked using a typical Mughlai recipe. The rice is made fluffy using the dry rice powder and then fried in the cooking oil.

Kaju Barfi is a mouthwatering sweet which is made using cashew nuts and roasted dry coconut. Rasgulla and Kaju are both available with or without cream. These delicious delectable sweets are popular all over India. A unique feature about Hardidar’s sweets is that they are prepared using only the best quality ingredients.

Anjir Rolls (also known as Indian Deewana Rolls) are popular desserts on the Hardidar Mainland and apart from being delectable, they are also a great way of enjoying the delicious taste of Coconut. They make an excellent Centre menu item as they are relatively low in fat. The flavour of Coconut is extremely pleasant and it pairs very well with the mildly spicy and rich flavour of Rasgulla and Kaju.

Selection Also Includes Several Savory Items

In addition to these delectable desserts, the Hardidar dessert selection also includes several savory items. Humus or Shrimps are a must try on any day of the week as they make a tasty snack. The creamy and rich flavours of the Shrimps along with the mildly spicy cumin seeds add a delightful twist to any desert. If you wish to have something different for dessert, you can also try the Maach-Cham-Cham. This traditional dessert consists of sweetened condensed milk, fresh chicken, green chillies, pieces of paper and masala, and sugar or honey coated almonds. Maach-Cham-Cham makes an excellent dessert dish on the Indian occasion of Diwali.

Sweets are not the only thing that you need to consider when making an Indian dinner. Since the Indian tradition sees the beginning of the fasting and Brahmukhi on Wednesday, you should also avoid indulging in any sweets during this time. You will have much better luck having a more fruitful dinner. There are other things that you should be avoiding as well. As far as alcohol and caffeine are concerned, you can have your drinks as long as you please but you should keep away from alcohol on Friday nights.

Wide Variety of Indian Desserts

There is a wide variety of Indian desserts that you can try. You can choose between ice cream, chocolate or banana. You can have a tandoori dessert which is a meat or chicken-based desert. For dessert you can simply go for jalebis, custards or parmesan cheese. The desserts are always a hit at any function irrespective of the age.

If you get tired of sweets and want something that is healthier, then you should try an Indian salad. With all the ingredients mixed together, it forms a perfect amalgamation of fruits and vegetables. This salad is naturally very healthy and the ingredients used are mostly fresh. An Indian sweets supplier would be happy to make this salad for you and even train you how to make it.

It is not difficult to buy items from an Indian sweets’ supplier. These suppliers offer their products through their own websites and through retail outlets.

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