Designing the Perfect Custom Soap Wraps

The custom soap wraps are a relatively new way to present your soaps whether they are medicated soaps, beauty soaps, antibacterial soaps, lovingly homemade soaps, anti-acne soaps or any other type of soaps. Soap wraps are simple and yet elegant. The soap wraps enhance the beauty of your soaps.

The general, commonly followed trend today in the newer custom soap packaging is to go for the ones which do not completely cover the soaps. They just wrap a part of it while keeping the rest visible. It is indeed a smart way to wrap a soap. It helps keep the soap visible and hence allures the customer by keeping the ingredients readily visible. By showcasing the beauty of the soap and showing off what it contains, you are able to attract more customers and make the decision easy for them. 

Here are a few ways in which you can make sure that your soap wrap adds to the beauty of your soap and makes it more presentable.

Choose Your Printing Options Carefully

You can go for the refreshing, vibrant colours and lively graphics. Or else, you may choose the more sober, simple, and mature colours with minimal graphics. The choice is yours, however, make sure that whatever attire you want your soaps to wear, helps enhance the beauty of your soap. This is especially important if you go for those soap wraps which cover just a part of the soap and keep the rest visible. In such cases, the printed stuff should complement the overall appearance of the soap underneath. It helps enhance the beauty of the soap itself making it more attractive and adding value to it.

Moreover, make sure that your packaging company is using only the best equipment for printing. It should be using the latest machinery and competent staff so that the results are nothing less than perfect. They should use the most advanced offset or digital printing equipment. Check the quality of inks being used by your packaging company as well. The highly precise colours can be attained by using the best quality inks. Commonly, high-quality water-based inks are used. You can choose a colour of your choice from a CMYK palette.

 Besides, you can also choose between a number of advanced printing options which are being offered by many box manufacturing companies. For example, you can get your logo embossed or printed with raised ink. This gives a 3D effect to your logo and makes it readily noticeable. Or else you can also go for the gold or silver foiling to add an extra bit of luxury to your soap wraps and give them a glare. The other option is that of the spot UV to make your soap wraps shine out the others.

Give Your Soap Wraps a Final Finishing

Those soap wraps which have a beautiful outer coating, are more likely to attract customers as compared to those without a finish. This final coating adds to the luxurious look of the soap wraps. 

In addition to making them look premium, the extra coating also provides your soap wraps with an extra bit of strength. The wraps which have an additional coating would take longer to wear off. And the printed stuff is also protected against wear. 

Some commonly offered coatings by various packaging companies include the matte finish for a mature look, a glossy coating or semi-gloss finish for an extra shine, the exquisite rose gold and an outstanding aqueous finish. Choose the one that goes with your taste and your brand’s character. These are sure to add to the beauty of your lovingly made soaps and add to their value besides giving your brand the image of a luxury brand.

Make Your Custom Soap Wraps Informative

When it comes to beauty products, cosmetics, and toiletries, especially the things that the customers are going to apply to their skin, they are very conscious about what it contains. Hence it is very important to inform them about the basic ingredients of your soaps.  You should clearly mention any potential allergens that your soap may contain. Your soap wraps should be informative besides being presentable.

Besides, the expiry date needs to be mentioned on the packaging boxes. In short, your customers should be informed about everything that is worth knowing. 

However, the trick here is to abstain from making your soap wrap too crowded with the text while at the same time no piece of important information should be left unmentioned.  You need to mention the text on the soap wrap in a way that the visual balance is not lost. It should still look aesthetically pleasing and especially the front of the soap wrap should have some blank space.

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