Different Types Of Archive Boxes Their Pros And Cons

Cardboard archive boxes are quite a popular type of packaging that many businesses use for their products. It is possible that many businesses like to use various kinds of these packages for this purpose. But what are the most popular types of these custom gift boxes with logo wholesale that many brands like to use? If you are curious about this as well, we are here to bring you out of it. We will show you some important types of these packages and their pros and cons.

Horizontal Packaging

It is among the top types of these packages. Most of the businesses like to use them due to their lot of uses. It is easy to place files in them quite easily. Businesses can easily place documents horizontally. It is easy to stack them as well. That makes it a great advantage of these packages. Their size is customizable as well. Many businesses like to use various kinds of documents as well as files inside them. There are some pros and cons of using these packages. We will show you some of them in this regard.  


It is easy to place them without any problem of falling.

Their stackable nature allows the businesses to place many of them at little place upwards.


  • Taking out files or documents is not easy.
  • The larger size of this packaging may not be easy to carry.

Vertical Boxes

You can categorize it among the most popular packages for businesses. They are manufactured in a vertical design. Due to this, it is easy to use a variety of materials in this regard. They are mostly manufactured with cardboard or corrugated stock. They are mostly used to keep files stored quite easily. They provide easiness to the employees who need to carry day to day files. Due to this, they are quite famous in this regard. Here are some of their advantages and disadvantages.  


  • It is easy to get files out of it without any problem. 
  • Moving them is easy for the employees.
  • Customizable size is amazingly beneficial.


  • Not good for saving space.
  • Bundles are not easy to store.
  • Documents cannot be stored as well.

Personalized Shape Packaging

Those days are gone when packages had conventional rectangular shape packaging. It is quite an amazing type of cardboard archive boxes that many businesses like. These kinds of packages have personalized shapes. This shape depends upon the requirements of the brand that is going to buy them. That is why this type does not have a constant shape. Due to this, they are a dream type for many kinds of businesses. We will show you some of their pros and cons. 


  • Amazing for enhancing brand image.
  • The personalized shape looks alluring and keeps employees feel special at the workplace. 
  • Using them for various purposes in the company is possible. 


  • They are a bit costly for many small and medium brands.
  • Some of them may not be stackable as well.

Custom Printed Style

Here is an impressive type of this packaging. Many businesses use these packages without any printing. But some brands like to get custom printed ones. It is because many this thing can help in keeping different kinds of record separate. It is easy to print them with alluring graphics. That can make the environment of the workplace quite amazing. Due to this thing brands like them very much. We will show you some of their pros and cons. 


  • They may have amazing graphics to feel the employees special.
  • They can come in various multiple sizes.
  • Retrieving data is easier with them.


Printing can increase the cost of this packaging.

Branded Boxes

It is an amazing style of this packaging that many businesses like. This one comes with a branded theme most of the time. These boxes have a special color scheme that is personalized according to the theme or the logo. Some businesses can also use an image of the facility, building, or other marks that belong to the company. A logo is there as well, but its size can vary. There are some pros and cons of using these boxes. Allow us to show you some of them.


  • It is easy to use them for providing your facility a branded look.
  • They have better quality and show a better image of the business.
  • It is easy for businesses to use various techniques for making them branded.


Their cost may increase due to high standards.

Printing cost is an additional one as well.

These days, cardboard archive boxes are gaining popularity again. All because of their impressive uses. But there are many types of these packages that you must understand. We have shown some of the exciting ones in this regard that can help in picking the right one for your business.


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