Different Types of Calendars to Benefit Your Business and Enhance Brand Recognition

Even in this digital era, people love to get something tangible. This is even truer as it comes to getting a gift. Average Americans love to get a gift that they can touch. Why don’t you make use of this opportunity to endorse your brand by handing over some promotional gifts to your clients and prospects that they can use every day? Well, a custom calendar can be a good option for you. It would help your business get exposure year round. Calendars are cost-efficient advertising equipment that you can customize with your business information and brand logo. Choose a theme that goes perfect to showcase your products.

Types of calendars

Different kinds of calendars are printed by leading printing houses. Each serves individual purposes. So before choosing one, get to know about each of them so your purpose can be served rightly. Make sure you choose the right printing house for calendar printing. Let’s have a quick look at the most popular types of calendars.

  • Wall calendars – A well-designed personalized calendar adds a nice touch to a house or an office. They are easy to create and highly useful. Like other types of calendars, they are also useful for the entire year. Apart from your customers, you can send them out to your acquaintances too. The calendars are full color printed ensuring more visibility and aesthetic value. Use high-quality pictures so the users can enjoy them throughout the year. Usually, you can order any quantity starting from 10. Therefore, you can have control over the ordering quantity. Choose gloss or matt cover paper; UV coating is recommended as it provides a protective coating after printing. This is even more recommended if there’s any heavy ink coverage; this ensures that the ink doesn’t get scratched.
  • Magnetic calendars –   These are the most powerful tool to put your company and contact information in front of the target audience. Like other calendars, refrigerator magnet calendars also last all across the year. Apart from being a good print advertising tool, they serve other purposes too! The vibrant full-colored pieces give you state-of-the-art quality while being affordable and beautiful to look at. They are useful as well. Every household needs a calendar to check the dates throughout the year. Some prefer wall calendars. But there are households that don’t have proper space to hang one. And they prefer something that can be placed somewhere else apart from the wall. And magnetic calendars would be the ideal solution for them. They can place them on a refrigerator or any metallic surface. Apart from households and offices, they are handy for businesses like bars, coffee shops, barbershops, doctors/dentists’ offices, hardware stores, golf courses, gyms, farmers markets, fairs, pharmacies, and so on. Unlike paper calendars, they don’t wear and tear. They remain in the original condition for the entire year. And thus, your brand will be visible to the audience 365 (even more) days. Custom calendar printing is done by any leading printer.
  • Desk tent calendars – These are another common and popular version of the calendar. Well, the term itself is pretty self-explanatory. These are small calendars that easily fit inside an office workstation or cubicle. They are usually coil bound to the tent stand. 4”x6” is the normal dimension of the desk calendars. Owing to the compact size, they are widely used for decorating or personalizing office space or home. For B2B businesses, they are a better fit. They are perfect for corporate setups where there is no permission for putting anything on the walls.

Whichever category you would like to go for, you will find many options. All you need to consider is your budget and top of all, your individual requirements so the calendars serve targeted purposes perfectly.

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