Different Types of Packaging and Their Purpose

Packaging is of different types. They are used as a protective layer to protect different products during shipping and storage. Packaging has become an important approach to draw customer’s attention. Different packaging options are available as per characteristics of the product, weather conditions, transportation conditions and product handling conditions.

The Four Main Purposes of Packaging Are:

  • Reinforce, Secure and Protect: The packaging is used to safeguard the products during storage and transportation from weather conditions, shock and vibration.
  • Brand Identification: It is used to promote visibility, reputation, and brand image. Unique packaging helps in identifying the company or the brand.
  • Information Delivery: One of the characteristics of packaging is, essential information related to brand and product and be included and written on the package.
  • Encourage Purchase: A good packaging presentation and design makes the product eye-catching and attracts customers. The first step to get sales is to get your product noticed by customers. The packaging creates a difference.

The world of packaging is quite extensive and it is important to use the right packaging according to the characteristics of the product being packed.

Let us Discuss This Packaging Material and Its Purpose.

  • Primary Packaging: Primary packaging is basically packaging in direct contact with the product such as postal bags for documents, and plastic or cardboard packaging for food items. The main purpose is to protect or preserve the finished product, particular to avoid contamination. This primary packaging is the first layer of packaging that contains the finished product. The type of packaging is often intended for food products and it makes the handling of the product easier. Primary packaging is used to provide necessary information about the product to the consumers.
  • Secondary Packaging: Secondary packaging is used outside the primary packaging for storage purposes. In this, certain number of products are collectively packed in a single pack. This packaging is used to provide supplementary protection and help to maintain the integrity of primary packaging. Packaging is useful in the e-commerce industry for shipping small shipments. They can be made using different components such as boxes, bubble wrap rolls for padding, bags, papers, and so on as per the requirement of the product to be shipped safely. These can be customised in order to get identified easily if stored in the warehouse.
  • Tertiary Packaging: Often used for bulk packaging, they are best for transporting large quantities of products together from one point to other as one unit. The packaging is so durable that it makes it easier to transport large and/or heavy loads safely and securely without damaging the products kept inside. Tertiary packaging is basically a stretch-wrapped pallet that has a number of cardboard boxes packed together as one unit for shipping efficiently.

Each level of packaging is appropriate for different types of products and all of them serve different purposes and are not intended for the same consumers. These three types of packaging form a complete packaging line. One thing that is common among all the packaging types is they ensure that the products are effectively preserved and protected.

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