Discover the Different Types of Car Wax

Car waxing is an exceptionally important activity to get done. It retains glossy shine, protect paint against oxidation, and ease your car washing process. Most people ask which type of car wax they should apply on their cars. Before you head to Quality Car Care Products, including the car wax, learn about the different car wax types.

Car wax basically comes in three basic forms that include liquid, spray, and paste. All performs almost similar job. Let’s understand what these car waxes are.

Here are the different types of car wax:

  • Liquid wax- It is considered the best car wax for getting glossy shine and last longer. It is somewhat harder to apply than other types of car waxes. Some liquid waxes are abrasive and provide long-lasting effects. Synthetic polymers are added to the car wax, and this is why it tends to dry quickly. Therefore, you must be careful while applying the liquid car wax as it may damage the surface.
  • Spray wax- Spray wax is considered great for the new cars because these are quickest to apply and provide an instant glossy shine to your car paint job. They are non-abrasive and do not last long like the liquid wax. It gives a short-term result and is used as a quick fix. The majority of the car owners nowadays choose spray wax for car waxing as convenient and faster to apply.
  • Paste Wax– It is the oldest form of car wax used to provide your car a shine and water beading. It must be applied more frequently than the liquid wax. Paste wax has a very hard texture and gives better protection to your car paint than the spray and liquid car wax. It also makes your car smell nice.

Waxing tip

  • Once you have purchased the desired car wax, start some preparation before applying the car wax. For instance, thoroughly wash your car and then dry the car using any cleaning solution.
  • Never wax your car in direct sunlight or if the car paint is too hot to touch because the high sunlight can soften the paint and make it more prone to scratching while waxing the car.
  • Now, test the wax on the small area of your car paint. We recommend you to apply it on inconspicuous areas like doorjamb. 
  • Finally, start applying your quality car wax with a gentle on all areas, ensuring no area is left unattended.

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