Discreet Ways Of Self Defense – Hidden Blade

If there is something you learn from Assassin’s Creed and all those ninja movies, it’s stealth. The element of surprise is a strong weapon in itself; add a hidden blade and the equation is complete. Although it’s not a very common gadget to have, if you keep a knife on you, better to be discreet with it. 

Normally when someone uses a blade for personal protection, it’s a pocket knife or a dagger. But both these options aren’t allowed in public places and workspaces. So what do you do for your safety? You get a concealed blade that can travel everywhere with you. 

From Ancient To Modern – The Evolution Of The Hidden Knife 

The concept of a concealed knife is not new at all; it’s been around for centuries. From the very beginning that people started fighting wars and danger lurked, there have been secret weapons. But the real origin of the real hidden blade was solidified by ninjas. 

They were ancient mercenaries from Japan who fought against tyrannous military rule. The whole arch of a ninja is to operate undetected and that includes stealth weapons. The hidden blade was part of a wearable arm brace that could help you protect yourself in a sudden attack. Eventually, the hidden knife was discontinued as an active weapon but it was relevant.

Nowadays when personal safety has become an imminent threat again, self-defense is important. There are modern and innovative versions of the hidden blade available in the market. You can find a series of ordinary objects that have a hidden knife in them. Although they are useful for everyone, women are the bigger demographic for hidden blades.

Concealed Weapons Useful For Women

Unfortunately, we live in a world where women have to face harassment and assault quite often. It’s smart to make sure as a woman; you are always packing some kind of weapon for yourself. A hidden blade is an excellent tool to keep close at all times, especially when you’re travelling alone. 

You can use this knife to ensure you are safe from predators in a myriad of ways. The ideal thing to do is to learn some basic vigilance moves to be on your guard.  If you know how to effectively use a hidden knife you can protect yourself properly. 

  • If you have a hidden blade concealed as jewelry, always wear it when going out.  Keep a hand on the blade when you’re walking alone to use it immediately when needed.
  • When in a social gathering, you can carry a hidden blade in your purse or pocket. If you sense a threat, you can use the blade to deter anyone from coming near you. 
  • In violent situations like assault or robbery, it’s best to have a wearable hidden blade. The less energy you waste in locating and readying your blade, the better. 
  • You should aim for the exposed parts of the skin when attacked by someone. The jugular, ear or face is ideal for fending off physical assault. If it’s intimidation, you can also use the blade to threaten your perpetrator away.

Types of Concealed Knives To Get Now 

If you haven’t invested in a self-defense weapon yet, there is no time to waste. Danger could be anywhere and you need to be on your guard. Using a hidden blade is like a shield that always protects you. Thanks to modern technology, there are some truly innovative versions of hidden knives you can buy.

They are available in weapon shops and proper knife stores. If you have an outlet that sells self-defense weapons, you might be able to find a couple there too. You can choose from a variety of smart inventions, some of which are listed below.

  1. If you are a forest ranger or you spend a lot of time outdoors, you have to be careful. A boot knife is a good weapon to carry within reach. It is a light blade that’s easy to slip inside your boots or strap to your leg. Not only is it effective against attack, but it is also convenient and can also aid your survival training. 
  2. The bigger market for hidden blades is within the urban life where chances of violence are higher. If you are in a workplace or an institute, it might be hard to carry a weapon on you. The best alternative then is a penknife. This discreet blade would be perfect if you ever face any unsavory situations at work.
  3. In a social gathering like parties or public parks, you need to be on your guard the most. The risk of a misdemeanor is higher so you need your secret weapon close. The knife necklace is a particularly nifty little weapon. Wear it around your neck when you’re out publicly and you will feel safe from danger. 

Hidden Blade For Sale In Your Area

You might be able to find basic knives in your local stores that you can use as concealed weapons. But if you want the types of blades mentioned above, the internet is your best bet. You will find the cleverest designs of hidden knives for sale you didn’t even know you could get.

Investing in a hidden blade is worth every penny, and when you can spend fewer pennies, ever more worth it. So check out Knife Import, the online hub of wholesale knives that has an impressive collection of hidden blades. Not only will you find cheap knives that suit your budget, but the quality will belay its price.


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