Do I really need exterior insulation?

When it comes to insulating your home, the attic seems to get all the attention, and it is reasonable. After all, hot air would easily escape through your roof if it’s not insulated, then your furnace is going to be running a lot more than it should and bring you high energy costs. 

But the attic is not the only part of the household that can benefit from insulation. For instance, insulating the exterior is just as crucial for lowering your energy bills as insulating the attic. Here’s a look at why, as well as the benefits of doing so.

Why choose exterior insulation?

Exterior insulation is beneficial for two main reasons:

  • It helps to disrupt the heat loss/heat gain cycle that can occur year-round.
  • It helps significantly with air sealing, so certain rooms don’t feel drafty when compared to others.


During the winter, improper sealing can be responsible for heat to escape the house and cold air to enter into the home, which surely isn’t great for energy conservation. Similarly, in summers, as the hot sun beats down on the house, the cold air escape, and the hot air can enter into the house, causing warming it. Therefore, most homeowners give the highest priority to the exterior insulation in Toronto

Advantages of exterior insulation

As exterior insulation pertains to conserving energy and saving money on high utility bills, there are two other benefits too. Which includes:

Reduce moisture intrusion

Never underestimate the harms a moisture leakage can cause, not just your home but to you also. Lack of proper insulation has the potential to give rise to moisture intrusion in the property. This phenomenon can eventually lead to mold growth, which is an even bigger issue to deal with and can also be responsible for causing allergies, headaches, and difficulty in breathing. 

To ensure the job gets done expertly with minimum risks of fault, smart homeowners hire an insulation contractor in Toronto. You are also advised to do the same for attaining excellent outcomes. 

Sound barrier

Excellent insulation not just prevent cool or hot air from escaping; it is also remarkable to create a nice sound barrier between your home and whatever is happening outside. So with the exterior insulation, you’ll be less likely to hear outside honking of cars going by or kids playing and dogs barking. 

Wrapping up

Now that you know how incredibly exterior insulation can serve you, we hope you are ready to give it a try. It is advised to hire an insulation contractor as they have optimum knowledge of how to proceed with each step to deliver the impressive and long-lasting outcomes finally. 



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