Do you want to know more about Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as tooth extraction, is a dental treatment process for an infected tooth that aims to eliminate the root canal and the abscessed pulp of the affected tooth. Root canal treatment can be a complicated procedure depending on the cause of the toothache and any local anesthesia used may affect the strength of the toothbrush in cleaning the tooth. There are some toothaches that can be treated with home remedies or traditional treatments at the dentist’s office such as a filling and antibiotics but in some other cases traditional treatment will be necessary such as a broken crown, a filling or a root canal that cannot be cured by a standard remedy. If this is the case a consultation with a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics is recommended. Floss Dental is rated as Best Dental Clinic offering Root Canal Treatment in Noida.

In some severe toothaches, a consultation with the dentist may include the use of an oral irrigator, cauterization of the tooth or the use of an oral surgeon for root canal treatment. In these cases the dentist may recommend treatment that includes the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics have been shown to cause short term toothache relief, but they are not without potential side effects. Some research suggests that long-term antibiotic use can weaken the immune system which can lead to more serious conditions such as cancer or other infections.

In some cases a dentist may recommend that a root canal is performed instead of a traditional tooth extraction. This is usually done when the tooth has reached an advanced stage of disease and treatment cannot eliminate the problem. If your dentist makes this recommendation, it is best to go ahead with the root canal treatment and not ignore the toothache. If you ignore the toothache, it could grow worse and cause the loss of a tooth or the complete removal of a tooth.

There are other reasons why your dentist may suggest a root canal treatment or an oral surgeon perform the procedure rather than an operation. Root canal work is recommended if your tooth is severely infected, has a serious bacterial infection, or you have extensive damage to the pulp chamber of the tooth. If the pulp has died, your dentist may recommend a filling to replace the pulp before it begins to decompose. However, if you experience extreme pain in the teeth or pulp area a filling will not be sufficient. Sometimes your dentist will recommend the filling to be done via a surgery but will do so only if there is extreme pain involved.

If you have suffered severe damage to the root canal or if you are missing one or more teeth, a tooth may need to be extracted through a root canal. The tooth may be completely irreparably damaged or the nerve may be damaged enough that it is no longer viable. Your dentist may also recommend immediate root canal treatment if the tooth is irreparably damaged. In this case the tooth may need to be extracted immediately or the tooth may need to be replaced before the pulp can be extracted. If the dentist determines that a root canal treatment is required even though the tooth may still be viable, he may recommend that the tooth be filled with a temporary crown.


A root canal is not a pleasant experience. It is stressful, unpleasant and traumatic for both you and your dentist. Root canal treatments may cause some discomfort for patients, however, there is no pain associated with a root canal treatment and your dentist will explain the root canal procedure fully to you. You can minimize your pain by following the advice of your dentist in order to reduce the amount of damage that occurs to the pulp and to the surrounding tissue during the root canal procedure. You should expect to be at least a little uncomfortable for a day or two while your tooth is being exposed to the elements, but ultimately your tooth should be back to normal and you should not feel any more pain than usual.


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