Does Your Business Require an Immigration Compliance Audit?

Sponsor Licenses authorize employers to hire employees from outside the UK and European Economic Area (EEA). However, non-compliance with the immigration regulations may result in consequences like license suspension, fines and criminal proceedings. To avoid it, the best solution is to conduct a mock compliance audit with the help of immigration lawyers in St Albans.

Abbey Law specializes in such audits under different circumstances. Find out when you should opt for one.

First Time Applying for License

If you are planning to apply for a new Sponsor License, the chances of committing mistakes are probably high. For example, do you actually require an immigrant worker to fill an important vacancy? Is your HR department prepared to conduct the Right to Work checks? Have you employed an efficient employee record keeping system at the place? Each of these aspects and many more can have a great impact on license approval. We guide employers in these preparations to get approved in the first go.

License Renewal

A sponsor License needs renewal and that’s when you may again need expert help to pass the compliance inspection. Apart from ensuring that your HR records are up-to-date, we also assist in reviewing that your workforce has no illegal workers.

Home Office Visit

It may happen that the Home Office receives certain information about discrepancies in your immigration compliance systems. It may contact you and schedule a compliance inspection. To ensure that everything is in place, you can hold a compliance audit using our services. Our immigration law solicitors are also ready to represent you during the inspection.

Another situation when you may prefer a compliance audit is when applying for another UK immigration tier or category. Irrespective of the situation, preparing through a mock audit can help you retain your status as a Sponsor License holder.

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