Does your old asphalt roof Need replacing: 5 signs

Though asphalt is the most used roofing material these days, the occasional strike of the weather can take a toll on it. So when you are faced with some specific warning signs, you should go for a roof replacement. Here are five such warning signs that tell you what is up with your asphalt roof and what to do about it.

Blown-out shingles

Are you living in a region with high wind speed and high probability of hurricanes? Then you must have faced the wrath of the storm that blows off asphalt shingles from your roof. If that is the case, then it is time to call up Roof repair Denton tx.  

Mold growth

Moisture from rain or environment can seep into your roof and just give rise to mold and fungal growth. You will see green patches of overgrowth which can lead to roof leakage in the long run. So get these moldy shingles removed and install new ones there with the help of a reliable Denton Roofing Company.

Damaged shingles

If your asphalt shingle roof is damaged beyond repair, then you can avail the insurance plan of your roofing contractor and save a tonne of time and money. Contact your contractor and get a new roof right away.  

Patchy granule cover 

If your shingles are missing some granules, then it is a cause of worry as it will speed up the process of wearing off due to UV exposure. Patchy granular pattern is a signal that you need to get your asphalt roof replaced. 

Curled shingles

Sure the winds are speedy enough to blow shingles off. But moderate winds can leave shingles curled up, exposing the surface underneath to the harmful rays of sun. 

Denton Roofing Pro is a qualified team of experts who know how to maintain your asphalt roof for a long time. Call them up today.

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