Don’t Let the Weather Hold You Back: Virtual Golf to the Rescue

Virtual reality gaming has been booming for the past few years. It has become quite popular not only among teenagers but also among adults. The real experiences felt in these Virtual Reality (VR) games are truly specialised. Another interesting technology that has been developed in the gaming sector is Augmented Reality (AG) wherein, certain virtual components/elements are placed in the real surroundings of the person via camera. It shows artificial objects and people in a real-life environment. One of the gaming genres that has been greatly revolutionised by Virtual Reality technology is the Golfing genre.


An Arena in VR gaming is a specially designed space where individuals can freely enjoy virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. These are covered places, ensuring enjoyment irrespective of the weather conditions. These areas are well equipped for various games that can be played alone or with friends and family. These provide a safe and comfortable environment for a thrilling experience. Arenas are well designed to suit the needs of the games that they offer. It provides gamers with the opportunity to freely roam around and play the game of their choice with all the right equipment and effects. The soundproof divisions make sure that each individual can make the most out of the life-like experience without the interference of anyone. Golf zones of Arenas are a perfect space for Golf enthusiasts to experience an optimal golfing session virtually.


Equipment is of great importance when engaging in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games. It gives the ultimate realistic edge to the entire gaming experience. They turn the game into reality and keeps the players fully engaged and immersed in the experience. In addition, they are of good quality and are durable. For example, indoor golfing equipment include real-life golf clubs and tees. Since they are the actual objects used even when the game is played outdoors, the player’s experience is real and multifold. Moreover, since Arenas provide you with Golfing equipment in the Arena itself, you do not need to buy any expensive pieces of equipment.


There are several VR and AR games available at an Arena. These include – Epic scale free-roaming, golf, teleport bay, VR Bays and Video gaming bays. Each of them has highly stimulating environments and provide an engaging effect. The indoor golf simulator allows the players to have a calming experience. It includes courses from around the world recreated by marvellous visual and audio technology. The full Virtual Reality experience ensures that you can see the golf field, hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing, and swing the golf club. The gaming system installed in the Arena calculates the amount of pressure applied, the angle of the swing and the direction to provide the real experience accurately. It may even calculate your rising heartbeat and make it heard. The soundproof rooms within the Arena assure that the gaming experience continues uninterrupted.

Weather effects

Virtual and Augmented reality games are gaining much more popularity than traditional video games. They make the entire gaming experience much more interactive and engaging. They provide a new definition of gaming. The incredible experience is taken to the next level because of the significant contribution of the equipment and the incredible design ideas. Games such as indoor golf provide a professional experience. The entire background conditions and sound effects enable the users to feel like they are there at that very place. This unique experience can be shared with teammates, family and friends because whether you want to play alone or multiplayer, all settings are easily available along with the appropriate setup.

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