Do’s and Don’ts for your IUI Treatment

Are you undergoing IUI or planning to start one? Here are some dos and don’ts for you. Fertility issue is always a matter of concern to couples. Couples dream to have their very own little ones running around the house, but sometimes life doesn’t always give what one wants. The desire of having a baby could be delayed due to various reasons. Couples with fertility issues can opt for different fertility treatments that include IUI and IVF. If you choose to go through an IUI procedure, you should know that its worldwide average success rate is between 10% and 15%. However, there are specific measures you can take to help improve your success rate to achieve pregnancy. Dos and don’ts post-IUI: • Eat healthily • Take adequate rest • Do light exercise • Get sexually active • Take the prescribed medications • Avoid stress • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol • Avoid taking any self-medications • Avoid taking soda, unpasteurized cheese, raw animal products, and low- fat dairy products, processed foods etc. IUI procedure is a quick process, with very little or no pain, easy, simple and can be carried out in any clinical setup. But it may make one very anxious, which may not be the right attitude for a successful IUI. Ensure you are stress free and focus on the process, not on the results. For more information Visit: • Call: 8880000909 • Email:

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